Taylor Swift has had a huge victory in court as the judge has made the decision to throw out David Mueller's lawsuit against the singer. Mueller has claimed that Taylor Swift is responsible for him being fired from his job at a Radio Station and has asked for $3 million in compensation for his loss of earnings. While the sexual assault case is still ongoing.

DJ Mueller's claims against the pop star

According to the Guardian, David Mueller filed a lawsuit against Swift back in 2015 claiming that she was responsible for getting him fired from his job.

Mueller who is currently on trial for sexually assaulting Swift denies these claims and has stated that Taylor Swift and her mother bullied his former bosses into firing him from his job at his radio station.

Mueller claims that Taylor and her mother Andrea Swift called the radio station and told his bosses that Mueller had sexually assaulted the pop star, a claim Mueller still denies is true, and stated that they would blast the radio station for having someone like him working there if he was not fired.

In a report from Metro, Mueller filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift, Andrea Swift, and their radio handler Frank Bell in which he asked for a total of $3 million as compensation for his loss of income.

Swift then filed a counter suit against David Mueller in which she claimed that he had sexually assaulted her and his actions lead to him losing his job.

Judge threw out Mueller's case

Taylor Swift has had a major victory in court as the judge threw out David Mueller's lawsuit against her, her mother and their radio handler.

According to the Independent, the judge agreed to throw out Mueller's lawsuit as he claimed that Mueller had failed to provide evidence that Swift was responsible for the former DJ losing his position at a radio station.

The judge also claimed that Mueller has failed to provide evidence on how Taylor Swift personally has affected his earnings and his future earnings.

Once the judge made the decision Taylor Swift immediately teared up and embraced with her team who were excited at the news. David Mueller's team were silent and it is clear that they did not expect their client's lawsuit to be thrown out so readily.

The eight-person jury still has to make a decision in the ongoing trial in which Taylor Swift claims David Mueller sexually assaulted her when they were taking a photograph together at the end of her 2013 concert. Her former bodyguard has testified on her account and claims to have seen the assault happening. The investigation is still ongoing and there are a number of witnesses who have yet to be called to the stand.