Anna Paquin, of the HBO series “True Blood,” apparently shrugged it off when almost four million people in the U.K. saw her sex scene with actor Robert Kazinsky during the Bbc News broadcast, "News at 10.” However, it caused quite a stir with the U.K. viewing public.

BBC presenter talks cricket with boobs in the background

The incident happened on Tuesday,when BBC presenter Sophie Raworth was reporting how the English cricket team had beaten the South African team at Old Trafford. However many of the almost four million viewers became somewhat distracted when one of the computer screens in the background showed a woman removing a black top and bra, clearly revealing a set of breasts.

Before the truth was revealed, many viewers took to social media to question if a member of the BBC staff was watching a pornographic film. After a clip of the incident went viral on social media, BBC responded to say they were investigating the incident.

BBC staff member watches old episode of ‘True Blood’

It turned out the “boo-boo” was caused by a member of the BBC staff who was bored during the newscast. The employee was watching an old episode of “True Blood” and the scene in question was where Paquin’s character was about to make love to Kazinsky’s character, a vampire.

Paquin spotted the story in The Telegraph. Rather than being upset by her breasts being revealed to the British public, she found it amusing. Paquin headed to Twitter to share an image of the Telegraph article saying the story was “funny on so many levels.” According to Paquin, this was one of the funniest things ever and she said she knew she had definitely “made it” after her nude body appeared on BBC News, going on to thank them for the laugh.

Luckily for Paquin, her husband, British actor Stephen Moyer who is also in the show, found it equally amusing, commenting that Kazinsky “gets in everywhere.” He was also relieved it wasn’t a scene involving his character.

‘Fairy land graveyard sex’ on the BBC News

According to BBC’s latest report on the story, Paquin said the "True Blood" scene was “fairy land graveyard sex.” In that scene Sookie Stackhouse, her character, makes love to Kazinsky’s half-vampire, half-fairy character. One fan on social media came up with the phrase “photoboobed,” which Paquin then made into a hashtag.

Another fan suggested Paquin charge the BBC royalties for using her breasts without permission on TV.