After spending years in filming purgatory, Francine Pascal’s classic book series Sweet Valley High is finally moving forward with the Hollywood movie. The beloved book series from the 80s and 90s is sure to bring back the nostalgia among fans of the franchise who belong to the xennial generation.

From book series to television series

According to a Vogue report, creator Francine Pascal oversaw a team of ghostwriters who wrote stories for the book series. Young adults had their variety of series to choose from. There was Sweet Valley Twins which depicted the lives of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield in their childhood years along with their annoying big brother Steven.

Sweet Valley High tackled their much more difficult adolescent years. It also brought back characters from their childhood like Jessica’s best friend and rich kid Lila Fowler, and steady boyfriend in Junior High, Ken Matthews, Liz’s on again-off again boyfriend Todd Wilkins, her best friend Enid Rollins and a host of other characters who are familiar to fans of the series.

The Wakefield twins' love-hate relationship was always at the center of the Sweet Valley High books. Opposites Jessica and Elizabeth have not been exempt from the drama of disagreements about school with Jessica being a cheerleader and Elizabeth being the editor of the school paper. They also have very complicated love lives.

In the book series Sweet Valley Confidential, it was revealed that Todd ended up with Jessica and not his long time love, Elizabeth.

The movie will not be the first time the series was adapted to the screen. From 1994-1997, Sweet Valley High was adapted into a television sitcom featuring Doublemint twins Cynthia and Brittany Daniel as Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield.

It was reported that Francine Pascal favored the casting of the Daniel twins for the series but hated its approach altogether. She further hinted at discord with production whom she accused of ignoring her suggestions to improve the series.

Script is under way

Originally, the Sweet Valley High film adaptation was supposed to be written by “Juno” writer Diablo Cody as a musical.

However, Paramount chose to go in another direction and tapped two rom-com heavyweights for the job, Deadline reported.

Legally Blonde” and “10 Things I Hate About You” writer Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and “The Mick” author Harper Dill have reportedly been hired to co-write the movie adaptation of Sweet Valley High. Which is a strong indication that the studio is gunning for a light romantic comedy rather than a dark teen drama approach to the upcoming movie?

No casting news has been reported yet for the popular franchise. No target release date has also been released for the Sweet Valley High movie as of press time.