“Supergirl” Season 3’s extremely popular character Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) will take a new course in the upcoming season. Our quirky tech genius will level up with a leadership role that no viewers have ever seen before. Read on and know more about Jordan’s role ahead.

According to Comic Book, Winn is set to move on as a leader. In the past two seasons of “Supergirl,” he has experienced many changes. Winn first became a programmer in CatCo and was the best friend of Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist). Winn remained a friend even after he confessed his romantic feelings to Kara and she rejected him.

Now, he is living a happy life serving in Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO) to help protect National City.

Jeremy Jordan on Winn’s confidence

As the 32-year-old actor shared, Winn gained lots of confidence since the first season. At first, he was not aware of what he is capable of doing until he started working at the DEO. Viewers cannot deny that he has been of tremendous help in every operation and has a big part as to why Team Supergirl keeps on winning the battles.

Jeremy Jordan also pointed out that Winn is currently living the best life, which is true. He loves his work with his friends at the DEO and is in a happy relationship. “I think he’s continuing to gain confidence. He is taking more of a leadership role this season at the DEO.

We’ll see where that takes him,” Jordan added.

New Winn Schott ‘yells’ at people

J’onn J’onnz (David Harewood), disguised as Hank Henshaw, was the one who invited Schott to join DEO. Since then, Schott made known to everyone that he is good at what he does. That is why a leadership position is not quite surprising.

As of now, Jeremy Jordan is, unfortunately, unable to reveal what this upcoming role would be.

And even if he wanted to, he still cannot say anything because he does not know exactly what it is yet. While he wished to unveil this very detail to everyone, the only thing he knows is that he would “yell at people.”

Moreover, with this increase in prominence, we are hoping that Winn can still help National City. It can be recalled that Kara Danvers (Benoist) a.k.a.

Supergirl is in a vulnerable state. Schott must be on Kara’s side in every decision and battle. The absence of Mon-El (Chris Wood) means she needs Winn more than ever. The Prince of Daxam is confirmed to return soon. However, until then, Winn could be one of the people who can suppress Kara’s brokenness. “Supergirl” season 3 will return on October 9.