"Stranger Things" is an original Netflix series that was created by the Duffer brothers. Season 1 was a huge success and an immediate cult following of the series was formed. The creators of the show recently screened the trailer for the second season of "Stranger Things" at the San Diego Comic Convention where the song "Thriller" was playing in the background. Producer Shawn Levy revealed how they managed to get the license to the hit track.

Levy talks about the massive effort to get the song

The trailer for season 2 of the hit Netflix show "Stranger Things" was streamed on Netflix, revealing that the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson was in the background of the trailer.

According to SR, it took a massive effort for the producer of the show Shawn Levy to get the rights to the song. The producer recently opened up about the steps he had to take to secure the use of the hit track.

He stated that their request to use the song was continuously denied. However, Levy persevered, as he knew that "Thriller" would match the tone of the second season and refused to give up without a fight. He revealed that quite suddenly, the fight was over and a trailer had been created without the hit song.

According to SR, Levy and the Duffer brothers all sat down to watch the version of the trailer without the song in the background. Levy revealed that it was good but that they all knew it would be so much better if "Thriller" was included in the season 2 trailer reveal.

The producer went back one more time and finally, they were able to sort out a deal to license the song.

Season 2 of 'Stranger Things' addresses the season 1 finale

Fans were extremely excited to see the season 2 trailer release at San Diego Comic Con as the trailer gave them a hint of what they can expect. With "Thriller" playing in the background amplifying the chilling mood, fans got to see how the characters have grown since the last time they saw them on-screen.

Will is left dealing with the repercussions of being in the Upside Down for so long and appears to have several seizures and hallucinations throughout the trailer. Mike is determined to find Eleven and believes that she is alive and out there somewhere. As for characters Dustin and Lucas, they both have a crush on the new girl at school (Max) who will be joining their friend group.

"Stranger Things" season 2 was due to be released around Halloween, however, the premiere date was moved up by a few days. According to io9, the new release date for the second season has been confirmed for October 27.