Jenelle Evans has plenty of things going on these days on "Teen Mom 2," as she's moving into her house and she's pregnant with her daughter Ensley. But there is still a custody battle over her son Kaiser, and despite trying to make it work with Nathan Griffith, she keeps him away from his father. This is something Nathan isn't happy about, so he decided to speak out during last night's episode.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans may be glorifying the act of keeping her son away from his father -- at least that's Nathan's theory. He believes that she's keeping Kaiser away from him just to cause Nathan pain.

When he does see his son, he shares pictures on social media to let everyone know just how well he's doing. It sounds like Griffith truly enjoys having his son in his care.

MTV's involvement in the plot

After watching last night's episode of "Teen Mom 2," Nathan decided to speak out on Twitter to share his side of the story. As it turns out, Griffith believes that MTV is actually glorifying Jenelle's decision to keep Kaiser to herself and not share him with Nathan. He feels that MTV is paying her big bucks to keep Kaiser away from him, even though Evans would deny that accusation.

But Nathan also went after Jenelle personally, calling out the scenes with her engagements.

Apparently, he feels sorry for her if MTV is portraying the truth. He spoke out about his feelings last night on Twitter, but it sounds like he doesn't actually want to help her. It sounds like he's actually hoping that some things are staged, so she doesn't feel like a fool.

Can't Nathan move on?

Many would accuse Nathan of not being able to let go of Evans.

He is constantly saying things about her on social media and he even films scenes with his friends where he discusses her. When they were dating, he supposedly cheated on her. However, she moved on with someone else and has since had a baby. She never really talks about him, so it does seem odd that he keeps bringing up things about her.

David Eason would probably accuse Nathan of being obsessed with Jenelle Evans, even though he would deny it. He keeps saying that he just wants to see his son, no matter what it takes. Evans has revealed on "Teen Mom 2" that she would give Griffith time with their son if he uses the time he's given to spend time with Kaiser. Instead, Nathan is being accused of using his weekends with his son to go to the gym.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans' ex-boyfriend attacking her on Twitter? What do you think about him going after her on social media?