"Stranger Things," whether someone has watched it or not everyone has heard its name. It is the record-breaking drama that caught everyone's attention and is loved by everyone. The cast, the characters, the story, everything has the affection of everyone. Now we finally have the Release Date.

Excited fans and the huge following are waiting for the new season

After the teaser trailer released on Superbowl, it got everyone more excited about the beloved show's comeback, but it was so far away as they only gave the month of its release. Now, as time passes by and October rolls closer, they have revealed the release date of the show.

On October 27, all eight episodes of the second season will be available on Netflix.

Everyone has started cooking up their theories again. Will Barb be back? What is happening on the upside down? What happened to Eleven? What is happening to Will? Also, a personal question of mine is a Mike and Eleven ship going to form or sail? Who even knows if all the questions will be answered in this season. Nobody cares because the show is coming back.

The basic plot and a small recap

For people who forgot, a small recap to slightly refresh your memories. Four boys. Great friends. One boy, Will, goes missing. A girl appears from an experimentation kind of place. She gets named "Eleven." She has no idea how the world works.

She befriends the remaining 3 of the 4 boys as they keep trying to solve the mystery behind Will. Along the way, they discover the extraordinary powers that Eleven has. She also loves EGGOS. The grown-ups: parents, older siblings. They try to solve this mystery in their own way as well and, along the way, they all discover some sinister things.

Will's mom goes above and beyond to find Will. So do Will's brother and Mike's sister in their own ways. Relationships are tested and lives are endangered as the great show keeps progressing. There, if you haven't watched it, I barely spoilt anything, highly recommended to watch it before the next season comes out. There are only eight episodes.

If you had already watched it hope this helps you to remember the other stuff as well.

As we wait

All fans can do is, form therories if that helps, watch the teaser trailers and pictures, or do not if you are the no spoiler type, maybe even rewatch the first season in wait of the release of the greatly anticipated second season. At least once it comes out we will be able to binge watch the whole thing at once. Maybe we should even start waiting for the THIRD season.