Throughout the history of "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2," MTV has aired various specials on supporting cast members in the lives of the mothers. Typically, the "Being" specials are reserved for partners or parents of the main cast, but it seems MTV is surprising viewers with an unannounced "Being Vee" special. For those who aren't aware, Vee Torres is the fiancee of Jo Rivera, Kailyn Lowry's first baby daddy. She has been around on the show for quite a while, and although she and Kailyn haven't always seen eye-to-eye, they have finally been getting along, as Vee and Kail both try and work out what is best for Jo and Kail's son, Isaac.

Vee criticizing Kailyn Lowry

Vee Torres has been heavily critical of Kail in the past, and most recently slammed her several times for having a baby with someone she doesn't know very well. The reality TV star has stated to her fiance, Jo, that she feels that Kail didn't take much into account when she got pregnant the third time around, and that she definitely wasn't thinking about her sons, Isaac, 7, and Lincoln, 3. She has also expressed via Twitter that she believes having a baby with someone you don't know very well is "pretty shaky" and she is glad that her daughter, Vivi, doesn't have to worry about her parents being virtual strangers to one another. Kail has not responded to the shade thrown at her by Vee, though the pair haven't always had the best relationship in general.

Previously, Kail refused to even speak to Vee, but eventually got over that after she reconciled her feelings for her ex, Jo Rivera.

A 'Being Vee' special

MTV has announced that they will have a special for Farrah Abraham's ex, Simon Saran, entitled "Teen Mom: Being Simon," which he states will be the very last time he appears as part of the franchise.

Vee, however, has kept very quiet about her new special, and hasn't uttered a word on social media. Many "Teen Mom 2" fans are curious about Vee's life apart from the Jo and Kail drama, and want to know what it is she does on a daily basis. The star does have a beauty blog that she updates regularly, where she talks about make-up, hair and fashion.

However, it is unclear what she does with her actual day when she isn't appearing on the show. What she does for work is also unclear, as Kail has previously criticized Jo for not working. Her daughter, Vivi, has appeared on the show, but viewers are anxious to see even more of her than they do each week.