The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas decided that as the most famous superheroine ever finally has a film all of her own, the best way to celebrate this was to hold an all-female screening of "Wonder Woman," for just one night. This choice enraged many male fans, who instantly trolled their post on Facebook, crying gender-based injustice.

The Alamo Drafthouse made the announcement of the “No Guys Allowed” screening on Wednesday, a week before the release of the highly-anticipated movie. In their notice, they mentioned that everyone involved in the screening would be of the female persuasion, including the projectionists, venue and culinary staff.

The venue apologized to male fans, stating that they were embracing their “girl power” for just one night at the Alamo Drafthouse, stressing that when they say the event is for “people who identify as women only,” they really mean it. According to their Facebook post, they even added an additional screening, due to the popularity of the idea with the ladies.

Alamo Drafthouse trolled by irate males about 'Wonder Woman' Screening

As male comic fans hit the Facebook page, one Mike Canales asked whether the theatre would consider men-only screenings of “The Terminator,” “Man of Steel,” “Demolition Man” and other popular films, while another Facebook user, Bradley Lucio, went on to note the anger and outrage that would ensue with Alamo staff if Trump threw an all-male screening at the White House.

As reported by the New York Post, many other male users went on to blast the decision by the Alamo Drafthouse.

One jokester, Ryan Reader, wanted to know if there would be a special screening of the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's “It,” with only those who identify as clowns welcome.

Now that would be a terrifying thought.

Some sense prevailed over 'woman only' screening of 'Wonder Woman'

However, sense did prevail among some Facebook users, with Bob Thomas commenting that it was good to finally see a “woman-only thing,” saying that “men-only things” have been going on forever. Thomas added that the male complainers should be smart for a change and take the long view.

The theater responded by saying they are big fans of special viewings, having had a veteran and active military screenings many times in the past. They said they will definitely continue the practice in the future. After adding a second women-only screening of "Wonder Woman" the trolling continued on Facebook, with the Alamo responding by saying if special screening shows sell out, they will always try to add more, so the idea was obviously popular with the ladies.

While the trolling also hit the Alamo Drafthouse on Twitter, it seems this had no adverse effect on ticket sales, with the first screening sold out within a few hours and more “no guys allowed” screenings of "Wonder Woman" added at other locations, including Brooklyn, Dallas, and Washington D.C.

While people are crying "discrimination," It turns out Alamo Drafthouse also has "pirate only" screenings.

Mashable reports that proceeds from the “Wonder Woman” female-only screenings will benefit local women’s charities, so it’s not just about the movie.