Kendall Jenner has been dealing with a scary situation over the past few months as an obsessed fan has been stalking her. Kendall already received a short-term Restraining Order against the 62-year-old man, Thomas Hummel, and has now been successful in obtaining a permanent three-year-long restraining order against the stalker.

Permanent restraining order

According to the Daily Mail, Kendall Jenner has been granted a permanent restraining order against an obsessed fan by the name of Thomas Hummel. Earlier this year Thomas began to send Kendall love letters telling her that he had been in love with her since the first time he saw her.

Kendall has been building her case against the 62-year-old stalker for the past few months and was not present when the verdict came through.

According to E! News, Thomas Hummel claims he has been deeply in love with the celebrity since she was only two-years-old. To make things creepier, he reports them encountering at a Costco in 1998 and at a post office back in 2008. It is clear that this fan of Kendall is extremely aware of the celebrity's whereabouts, and this raised a major question of concern for the star's well-being.

Kendall Jenner's representatives presented the court with the relevant documentation and evidence including the threatening letters that Thomas began to send once Jenner refused to acknowledge his efforts.

One such documentation shows the 62-year-old calling Kendall Jenner inappropriate names on the internet.

The terms and conditions of the restraining order

According to Page Six, Thomas Hummel has been sent a restraining order, stating that he must stay 100 yards away from Kendall Jenner for the next three years. He must also cease all contact with the star and is forbidden from owning any guns during this time.

Hummel was seen to be a real threat to the reality TV star as he followed her to her home and sent her letters claiming that he was going to rape both Kendall and her mother. Kendall has tried to stay as far away from Hummel as possible throughout the court appeal for the restraining order.

Representatives have handled all of the documentation and have shown up to court on Kendall Jenner's behalf.

According to the Daily Mail, the star is incredibly shaken by the past month's events and has stated that she has lost her sense of security.

Hopefully, Kendall will be able to regain her sense of independence knowing that the 3-year-long restraining order has now been granted.