Since certain jobs for advisors to Daenerys, Mother Of Dragons and true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, may about to be open, a number of people in the Real World have looked at the strategy thus far for putting her on the Iron Throne and have found it wanting. Naturally, they have some helpful suggestions for how things might be turned around.

Mistakes include dividing one's forces and poor intelligence

According to Sean Gallagher at Ars Technica, Daenerys’ advisors made two critical errors. First, they divided her forces into three parts, conducting two sea borne operations on opposite sides of the continent, and keeping the bulk of the forces, including the potent dragon air force, in reserve.

The result was that both fleets had been destroyed and the Unsullied have been isolated at Castlerly Rock without supplies or support.

The second mistake was a lamentable lack of intelligence and, on the part of Yara, bad situational awareness in that she was busily setting about seducing Ellaria Sand when she should have been setting the watch and keeping a lookout for Uncle Euron’s fleet. Team Daenerys did not have the position of either the fleet or the Lannister army. The result was the removal from the board of two-thirds of Daenerys’ military assets and the loss of two major allies.

However, Daenerys won back the initiative by deploying her Dothraki cavalry and a third of her air force to fix in place and destroy the bulk of the Lannister army.

However, here too, in no doubt, an excess of exuberance, the Mother of Dragons erred by destroying rather than capturing the Lannister supply train that she could have put to good use.

‘Nuke’ Kings Landing

At the Washington Free Beacon, Sonny Bunch advises Daenerys that she should go ahead and lay King’s Landing waste with her dragons.

The attack, like dropping the nuclear bombs on Japan, would end the war with one blow. Civilian casualties would be mitigated by giving advanced warning for the inhabitants of the city to flee. The theory behind this strategy is that it will save lives in the long run. The carnage of a protracted campaign would be far greater than incinerating the capital city of the enemy, just as the invasion of Japan would have taken more lives than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The real enemy are the White Walkers

Jon Snow was right when he realized the White Walkers are the real enemy. The more the war for the Iron Throne persists, the more time this threat has to breach the ice wall and ravage Westeros end to end. Whatever Daenerys does, she needs to win quickly so she can turn her full power north.