Jake Paul is a YouTube sensation who has been receiving a lot of negative attention in the media recently. The star recently released a diss track in which he claimed that he was bullied in High School, but his former classmates have come forward with claims that it was Jake Paul who was the bully. The star has yet to reply to the claims and fans are wondering what the star has to say for himself.

Students who went to school with Jake have called him out

According to Teen Vogue, Paul released a new video on his YouTube channel, which is titled "YouTube Stars Diss Track" where he refers to his high school days.

In the track, Jake Paul reveals that he used to hide in the bathrooms when he was being bullied at school, however, former classmates of Paul have come forward with claims that the YouTuber was the bully.

Former classmates have taken to Twitter and are asking for stories about how Jake Paul used to bully them. Some have come forward with claims that Paul used to grab their book bags and throw them in the trash. Others have stated that when the YouTuber was mad he rode his bike over someone's car simply because he was at odds with them.

The conversation on Twitter has gained some major traction and fans of Jake Paul have tuned in to see what former classmates of their favorite YouTuber are saying about him.

They have not been impressed with the stories that have been coming forward about Jake Paul as a bully in high school.

The star and his bad behavior

According to Seventeen, Paul has been receiving a lot of negative attention recently. The star was fired from the Disney Channel after the company found out about his bad behavior in his neighborhood and decided that they could no longer be affiliated with the star.

Jake Paul was referred to as a nightmare by his neighbors who have had enough of the YouTuber's antics, which include lighting furniture on fire in the pool and leaking his address to his fans. In a previous report by Teen Vogue, Jake Paul's place of residence was surrounded by screaming fans who were trying to get into the residence.

In a report by Teen Vogue, Jake Paul has also been criticized for making racist comments and the public has turned against him for his claims that he was bullied in high school. The YouTube star's reputation is going downhill quickly and one has to wonder if he will soon be out of a job.

Jake Paul has made no comment about the reports that he was a bully in high school and his fans are eagerly awaiting his response.