“Stormborn,” the second episode of the current season of “Game of Thrones” was another exciting one. Arya found out her half-brother was King in the North and decided to turn away from her mission to kill Cersei. She had a bitter sweet reunion with her dire wolf in the woods. However, Jon found out that Dragonstone sits on a mountain of dragon glass, which meant that he had to pay court to Daenerys. Sam found a particularly gross and painful way to cure grayscale. However, we really need to discuss Yara, Theon, and what happens when a plan comes in contact with the enemy.

What happened to Yara?

Following the strategy devised by Tyrion, Yara was taking her iron fleet south to help surround and starve out King's Landing. The Sand Snake sisters and their mom are on her flagship. Yara is about to pass the time in the arms of Ellaria when all hell breaks loose,

Uncle Euron’s fleet comes out of the night and fog and strikes with flame weapons, crippling Yara’s fleet in one blow. Then Euron, battle lust in his eyes, boards Yara’s flagship at the head of his warriors and starts slaughtering. In short order, two of the Sand Snake sisters, Obara and Nym go down. Then Euron’s men capture Ellaria, despite Tyene protecting her. Thus all the Sand Snakes fall, though not without taking a lot of men with them.

Yara and her uncle go toe to toe. However, Euron gets the upper hand and grabs her with an ax blade to her throat. Then brother Theon has an opportunity to be heroic. He lets the chance slide.

What Theon does

Theon, it is said by many on social media, when full Reek and went over the side, saving his own skin. However, tactically, that was his only option.

Euron could slit his sister’s throat in an eye blink and then quickly deal with him. Now he is in the water and can plot how to rescue Yara as Uncle Euron takes her and his other captive Ellaria back to Kings Landing for a painful welcome.

The mistake Yara made

Yara took her fleet into an ambush, for which there is no excuse.

The proper tactical move would have been to send a small boat ahead to spy out Uncle’s fleet and not to go blundering south while not paying attention to what was ahead. Indeed, Daenerys could have sent one of her dragons ahead, which then could have set fire to Euron’s ships once they were spotted. What is the use of having the only air force in Westeros if one does not use it? It looks like that Daenerys' campaign to take the Seven Kingdoms has gotten on to a bad start.