In “Star Wars,” The Last Jedi, viewers, and fans will finally see Supreme Leader Snoke “up close and personal,” according to Entertainment Weekly. It will be recalled that in the "Force Awakens," Snoke was only seen through a hologram when Kylo Ren and General Hux answered his summons following the attackonf Starkiller Base.

However, in the next “Star Wars” sequel, The Last Jedi, the Supreme Leader will be seen in the flesh as Kylo Ren will seek him out, according to EW. Snoke, described as towering and with a disfigured-scarred face, was played by Andy Serkis, who performed his character through motion-capture.

Snoke’s Praetorian Guards

“Star Wars,” The Last Jedi will not only give us the first real glimpse of Snoke but also of his Praetorian Guards, who are in charge of protecting the Supreme Leader. EW has a first picture of them.

Speaking to EW, The Last Jedi’s writer/director Rhian Johnson described the Praetorians as a different version of Emperor Palpatine’s crimson-cloaked Imperial Guards, as seen in Return of the Jedi.

Johnson said that while the Emperor’s Imperial Guards appeared formal, ceremonial, and capable of fighting, they were actually never seen in action during the early "Star Wars" film.

The director, on the other hand, said that Praetorian guards got its name from the special squad tasked to protect Roman emperors. He described them as akin to samurais, built to move, ready to engage should the situation demand it, and appear dangerous. In the Last Jedi, the group will be Snoke’s formidable protectors.

Snoke's real identity theory

Ever since Supreme Leader Snoke appeared in “Star Wars,” The Force Awakens, his real identity has been a subject of numerous speculations and theories by avid followers of this film franchise.

The most popular and plausible among the theories is that he was also Darth Plagueis, a Sith Lord, who was revealed by Palpatine to Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars,” Revenge of the Sith.

According to Palpatine, Darth Plagueis was very powerful as he acquired the power to create life. However, the Sith Lord was murdered by his apprentice who was none other than Palpatine himself.

However, a theory posits that Darth Plagueis, with his ability to create life, was able to revive himself and went on to take the new identity of Supreme Leader Snoke.

The evidence, according to may be found in the novel written by James Lucerno, who described Darth Plagueis as a Munn. In the “Star Wars” prequels, these were alien species who are tall, gaunt, and humanoid. Snoke’s physical form, as seen in the Force Awakens, resembled that of a Munn.

It was also theorized that Snoke's scarred and disfigured face was brought about by Palpatine’s murderous acts.

However, all hopes that Snokes' real identity will be revealed in “Star Wars,” The Last Jedi will be likely dashed. Writer and director Rhian Johnson told EW that though there will be more revelations about Snoke and his goals, the history of the Supreme leader, however, will remain “murky.”