Shawn Mendes is a well-known Canadian singer and has recently announced that he is releasing his first ever Fragrance. Mendes has created an earthy toned scent that can be used by both Men And Women and fans are highly praising his decision. The singer went into more detail about his decision to make his product unisex in an interview with Entertainment Canada.

The scent is called 'Shawn Mendes Signature'

According to People Style, Shawn Mendes has decided to call his first ever fragrance after himself titling it "Shawn Mendes Signature." The singer has been teasing fans with the launch of his new fragrance through social media as he has begun to post images of the fragrance products on his Instagram account.

The photographs were taken by professional photographer and filmmaker by the name of Danny Clinch. Shawn Mendes stated that he started to wear cologne when he was only a kid. The cologne's tagline reads that it is the fragrance for the next generation of men and women and is designed to bring them confidence and a new self-expression.

The fragrance was inspired by Shawn Mendes' home land of Canada and contains flowery and earthy scents. His fragrance has been described as smooth and sensual and was developed by perfume creator Celine Barel. Barel commented on the fragrance and stated that she wanted to go for a fragrance that Mendes' fans could connect to both him and his roots.

Mendes comments about his new fragrance.

According to Entertainment Canada, Shawn Mendes did not want to shoot a traditional perfume campaign for his latest product. The singer explained that he wanted to integrate the perfume into his life while he was on tour so that fans could get to see how functional the product was in his everyday life.

He also opened up about his decision to create a scent that was unisex and stated that he wanted all of his fans to be able to wear it. Mendes recalled his childhood when he remembered smelling female orientated perfumes and thinking that they smelled like something he would wear. Instead of focusing on the gender market for the product, he explained, he wanted to find something that would smell like a scent people would like to wear.

Mendes spoke highly of his fan base and stated that he always knew that he wanted to do something different and new for his first product. He explained that he wanted the fragrance to represent the relationship that he has with his fans and he believes that he has achieved just that. He added that he wanted the authenticity of his own life as a musician to be brought into the product and that was the reasoning behind the earthy Canadian inspired tones.

Mendes is extremely excited at the release of his first every fragrance "Shawn Mendes Signature" and it has been confirmed that the fragrance will be selling for $59.50 USD.