Patti Stanger isn't one to mince words, and she definitely isn't going to play nice when it comes to "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham. Although Farrah did once appear on "Millionaire Matchmaker," Patti came out of the woodwork to give In Touch Weekly the rundown on what she thinks Farrah needs to do in order to snag a quality man for keeps in her life. And although Patti may be able to help millionaires find love, this piece of advice may be something that Farrah isn't willing to do, even if it does mean she won't have to purchase her own engagement ring this time.

Patti offers Farrah some "sound" advice

"I don't think there can be any way you can control her!" Patti said in regards to Farrah, which may actually be the case. Though according to Patti, Farrah might need to simply be quiet in order to snag herself the man she's always wanted. According to Patti, being quiet can help a man "lure his way in," which is exactly what Farrah would want. And viewers of "Teen Mom OG" know that Farrah Abraham isn't looking for any man, she definitely wants someone high class who can keep up with her expensive taste.

"Just shut up a little bit," Patti said in the In Touch Weekly interview. It's hard to say whether or not that's possible for Farrah, who has a habit of being a very strong and forceful personality, especially when it comes to her relationships with her family and friends.

Brawl with ex, Simon

Abraham recently parted ways with Simon Saran. Farrah Abraham and Saran are admittedly not on the best of terms. The pair have been feuding via social media for the past several weeks. Farrah evidently sent Simon a cease and desist letter, which he hasn't taken seriously as he continues to comment on her on his Twitter and in the press despite stating that he has moved on with a different woman and is incredibly happy.

He recently commented on her plastic surgery, saying that he is the reason why she needed a vaginal rejuvenation (even though it's a little too much information from Simon!). He also told Farrah that she would always be alone because she is "fake" and that she'll never be able to find someone like him. Farrah has stated that Simon is simply jealous of her because she has moved on in her life and he hasn't, and instead is "stalking" her social media and seeing what she is up to since they parted ways. Farrah just recently appeared on the MTV UK series, "Single AF" where she traveled the world looking for love.