Scheana Shay and Mike Shay divorced last year on "Vanderpump Rules" after having spent months arguing behind closed doors. While Scheana was filming the show, she kept putting on a happy front, telling everyone that she was very happy in her Relationship. Shay hinted that she wasn’t having any problems in her marriage and people believed her. She never gave them a reason to speculate.

Scheana wanted everyone to know that she and Mike were doing great after she had caught him using drugs and being addicted to alcohol just a few years ago. However, behind closed doors, Scheana was struggling because she felt that Mike had completely relapsed.

It was clear that she was upset with him because he kept lying about his whereabouts and what he was spending his time doing when she was at home. He kept telling her that he was in the studio, but he wouldn’t pick up his phone when she called him.

New boyfriend, new rules

During the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion, Scheana Shay revealed that she had already moved on with a new man named Robert. Robert was actually a friend of Mike Shay and he was surprised to learn that Robert was now dating his estranged wife. Back then they had not fully divorced so he might've felt a bit betrayed by his friend.

As for Scheana, she wants to do things differently this time around. When she was married to Mike, everyone was in her business, including the press.

But these days, Scheana is taking a stand and she is refuting false reports about her relationship. She clearly wants the press to stay out of her relationship and stop spreading false rumors.

Scheana decided to speak out about the false rumors because she had learned that some websites were documenting rumors about them supposedly splitting up.

She haven't really said anything about the relationship in a while, so it is possible that people started speculating whether she was truly happy with Robert. In addition she hasn't really talked about her divorce from Mike Shay but it sounds like it has been finalized and they have moved on. No word on whether they have remained friends.

Still hurting from public divorce?

Since Scheana's relationship with Mike was very publicized and her divorce was very present in the media for a while, she may want to change her way of doing things for this current relationship. Robert isn't the type of person to be in the press a lot and he may want to keep things on the down low. It sounds like these two could possibly be a match made in heaven as they've managed to stay together for a while despite Scheana being in the public eye.

What do you think about Scheana Shay's decision to call out the tabloids for slamming her relationship with Robert? Are you surprised that she is calling out these websites for false reports, considering she's in a very happy relationship? Do you think she should be focusing on the relationship instead of what people are saying about her?