Ryan Serhant has been filming "Million Dollar Listing New York" for a couple of years and the show has been such a huge success for the agents that Bravo has offered up several spin-off shows for the guys. While Fredrik Eklund is filming a flipping show with Bethenny Frankel, Ryan is filming his very own spin-off show about selling. Bravo pitched "Sell It Like Serhant" to Ryan, where he would be traveling the country and giving selling advice for people who are selling everything from tractors to hot tubs.

According to a new Instagram post, Ryan Serhant is busy filming this first season of the show and he's spending his weekends away from his wife to do this.

However, fans will have to wait to see what this show is all about. While Ryan may only film eight episodes, which is common for new shows, Bravo won't be airing it until next spring.

Fans will have to wait

Ryan Serhant confirmed that fans will have to wait to see what the show is all about. As fans will have to wait until spring next year, it is possible that the producers want to air another season of "Million Dollar Listing: New York" before they air this first season of Serhant's show.

"It's incredibly funny AND an emotional roller coaster at the same time. Working with sales people in different jobs (this episode is in a hot tub store) is pretty wild. And I hope you all like it when it airs next Spring on Bravo," Ryan revealed on Instagram.

In addition, Bravo producers also have to find a place for Bethenny Frankel and Fredrik's new show, which is also currently filming. One can imagine that Bravo wants to air them close to one another, so they can cross-promote with "Million Dollar Listing: New York" and "The Real Housewives of New York."

Why the wait?

Of course, Bravo also needs time to edit the show so it is ready for television.

One can imagine that they need to fit one weekend into a 43-minute episode, or possibly even just 22 minutes. No word on how long the episodes are going to be, but one can imagine it will be a challenge.

It was quite a bombshell that fans have to wait until next year to watch the show. Sometimes, Bravo will start airing a television show while it is still filming and even just a few months after they start filming.

This isn't the case for Serhant, as his show won't air until early to mid-2018. Fans can expect to wait this long for Fredrik's show as well.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant revealing that fans will have to wait for "Sell It Like Serhant?"