It has been two weeks since Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her third son, a baby who she continues to call Baby Lo. Before he was born, Lowry struggled to come up with a name for her boy as she wanted something unique and original, but something that people already knew well enough to pronounce it correctly.

Many of her "Teen Mom 2" fans tried to come up with a name that was both unique and interesting for the mom of three, but she has yet to decide on a name that truly works for her. Now it has been two weeks and Lowry has had several appointments with her pediatrician, even though he has no name.

One can imagine that her doctor is wondering what she will name her baby and is possibly confused as to why she has yet to find a name.

Still struggling to find a name?

Some of her fans are starting to question if she may have picked the name already and she's just not saying anything. Before the baby was born, Kailyn was often tweeting about trying to find a name for her son. It was clear that she was struggling to find his name, and she really wanted to name that stood out. But after weeks and possibly months of searching, the little boy is currently just known as Baby Lo.

One fan on social media pointed out the perhaps Kailyn already has a name for the little boy and she is just keeping the name private because she doesn't want people to know what she decided to name him.

It is quite possible that she just wants the public to give her some privacy, as she gets to know the little baby.

Fans feeling cheated?

If this is so, this may be a lot to ask considering she had involved her fans in the entire name dilemma from the beginning. She was the one who kept asking her fans for names and they stepped up to offer some funny alternatives.

And yet, when the baby was born she never told any of her fans any updates in regards to the name. It would almost be unfair for her to have a name for the baby without sharing the news with her fans.

It is hard to believe that she would have a son who is now two weeks old and he is still without an identity. Sadly, there is nothing her fans can do in regards to learning about the name.

If Lowry doesn't want to share it with the public, she doesn't have to. She has no obligation to share anything about the baby and it sounds like she’s enjoying the private time with just her and her sons.

One can imagine that she just wants some privacy, as she learns how to care for this little baby and gets to know her new son like she has with her two babies. In addition to that, Lowry may be a bit busy these days as she is not getting any support from Chris Lopez, the biological father of the baby. Instead, she's doing everything on her own and one can imagine that it’s overwhelming when all three boys are there with her.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry’s decision to withhold any names from the public?