“Arrow” Season 6 is set to return in October and viewers will be glad to know a familiar face is confirmed to reappear in the series. The fans of Rory Regan (Joe Dinicol) will be happy to see him again in the upcoming season. According to Digital Spy, executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed this news on Twitter. The answer was obtained after a fan asked the said question on social media.

Rory Regan and Felicity in Season 6

The most amazing part when Guggenheim answered the question was revealing which episode Joe Dinicol’s return will be. He shared that Rory Regan will be featured in “Arrow” Season 6, episode 5.

We also look forward to the future scenes of Regan and Felicity Smoak (Emily Beckett Richards).

It can be recalled that the two characters previously had an awful history. Rory’s family died after an explosion happened in his hometown Havenrock. The Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) was able to convince him to use his powers for good, instead of using it for revenge.

However, he, later on, discovered that Felicity played a part in what happened to Havenrock. There were few misunderstandings, but they reconciled later on. The main reason why he left is that the rags seemed to have stopped working anymore.

In his upcoming return, it is expected that his bond with the mystical rag (rags of Devarim) can work again. He still needs to fuel the magic, so he can work as the fan-favorite Ragman once more.

EP hints the fate of Team Arrow in Season 6

Fans still have their fingers crossed due to the unexpected cliffhanger in Season 5 finale.

After all, viewers still cannot move on with the tragic incident in Lian Yu Island, which Prometheus strategically set up.

Moreover, Marc Guggenheim shared his views about the upcoming series. He said, "People either live, or they'll die. There are other consequences that can come out of what happened at the end of [the episode]." Guggenheim added how people are now focusing on one thing while they may be into something else.

In the end, “Arrow” is known for doing unexpected twists. Hopefully, something awesome can still come out after the devastating explosion in Lian Yu. Our recent report unveiled as well that the creative team of the series already has some ideas for Season 7. It seems like the seventh season could be the endpoint of the series! Furthermore, Guggenheim explained that they have always known where the series is headed. Watch out for more “Arrow” Season 6 updates! Share your thoughts in the comment section below.