Ronda Rousey is quietly keeping a low profile with most wondering what is next for the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion. After two brutal losses in the cage, most believe that she is done in the mixed martial arts scene.

It has been a struggle for Rousey, something that started with a surprising loss to Holly Holm. She did try to return but ended up worse against Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, losing by TKO in just 48 seconds.

UFC president Dana White, Rousey’s friend and someone who pushed for a return, has hinted that the former champ may retire.

He adds how Rousey would best move forward to another chapter of her life, specifically putting up a family.

Rousey redemption in the WWE

Rousey did try to dip her hands in Hollywood, appearing in several films. Unfortunately, the planned ones failed to materialize, including the “Roadhouse” remake. From afar, it seems Rowdy’s world is in shambles and crumbling.

Speaking of the entertainment world, there could be one ticket Rousey may consider. It is no secret that she has been linked to the WWE for quite some time so this may be the best time ever to make that move.

All that is backed by WWE legend Jim Ross who believes it would be the perfect opportunity for Rousey and the WWE, TMZ reported.

JR sees Ronda being a star one day and that could happen in one of the future Wrestlemania events.

Rousey did appear at Wrestlemania 31 alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. While it was more of a promotional gimmick, the WWE universe went ballistic seeing her showcase her MMA moves. Most were eager to see if she would return the next year though contract issues prevented that from happening.

Today, the scenario is pretty much different. Rousey’s stars have fallen so getting up from all that solely depends on her. She has taken the silent route, leaving most wondering what could be next.

A jump that makes sense for 'Rowdy'

With the UFC seemingly out of the picture, it may be high time for Rousey to consider the jump to the WWE.

The shows could use someone of her caliber, a good addition to the meager list of stars on Raw, SmackDown and WWE NXT.

Rousey could start it all off with WWE NXT, and develop her skills until she is ready for the spotlight. Obviously, learning wrestling is different from mixed martial arts and is something she has to get used to. If she does end up in the WWE, one can only imagine the impact and things she could do. Combining wrestling and mixed martial arts would be lethal, a perfect example of which would be Brock Lesnar.

If she redeems herself using the WWE route, who knows? It could lead to her appearing once again in the UFC, making select appearances as Lesnar – who incidentally is a former UFC champion too.