Fans of Selena Gomez have been spamming the internet with images and comments about the discovery of Gomez's doppelganger. The lookalike was found on the internet and her likeness to the "Bad Liars" singer is uncanny. Fans have reached out to Solares and though she has not replied directly she has taken a moment to express her adoration of Selena Gomez and is apparently a huge fan.

Sofia Solares looks exactly like Selena Gomez

According to E! News, the internet has exploded as fans of Selena Gomez has discovered the stars doppelganger. The individual in question is Spanish native Sofia Solares and actually, follows Gomez on Twitter.

Solares first came to the attention of fans when she reposted one of Selena's tweets.

Solares has an Instagram account and has several photographs, which show her resemblance to Gomez. Solares has cropped black hair, a round face and her features are nearly identical to Gomez. Sofia has not responded to the vast media attention on her Instagram account but has taken a few moments to address her newfound fame with E! News.

Fans have taken to social media

According to E! News, fans of Gomez cannot believe that a lookalike of the celebrity exists and have taken to social media to talk about the discovery. Fans have been reaching out to Solares and asking her if she often is mistaken for Selena Gomez while others have simply been exclaiming their shock to the celebrity's twin.

Multiple fan pages for the Gomez lookalike have already sprung up all over the internet as fans celebrate this new discovery. In a report by People Magazine, Solares has not responded to all of the media attention that she is currently getting but has expressed that she is a huge fan of Selena Gomez.

Sofia stated that she is a huge fan of Gomez and that it would make her day if Gomez were to address the fact that Sofia looks like her.

It appears the girl who looks exactly like Gomez could not be happier with the comparisons and has stated that if Gomez contacts her that she will cry from happiness.

Solares has had to deal with a huge amount of media attention over the past few days and some fans have been asking her if she tries to deliberately look like celebrity Selena Gomez.

Solares has explained to E! News that she simply tries to be herself and has stated that she does not want to lose her sense of self through the comparisons to the celebrity.

Selena Gomez has not yet responded to the claims that she has a doppelganger and it is clear that fans are dying for the pair to meet in real life.