Barbadian singer Rihanna made headlines in June when she spotted having a make out sesh with a handsome guy in the swimming pool in Spain. People originally thought that the new guy is a Spanish footballer, but it didn’t take long for the Daily Mail to recognize him as Hassan Jameel. He is a Saudi Arabian billionaire whose bank account is worth $1 billion, and his family is the biggest Toyota distributor in his country. For RiRi’s dad though, his massive bank account is a red flag because women will indeed be chasing after him, but his daughter isn’t affected at all.

Now, it seems that the singer is taking their relationship to the next level.

RiRi and Hassan are getting serious

According to a source close to Rihanna, the couple is now taking marriage and starting their own family into consideration although they don’t label their relationship at this time. RiRi has been pretty private with her new beau because she knows that it will help them protect each other. The insider though said that the couple is not rushing things between them, but both are certainly on the same page when it comes to more serious things. “Kids, marriage and all that kind of stuff is not something that is on their radar,” the source told Hollywood Life.”But enhancing what they have now and hanging out more is their next priority because they really believe that the relationship they have has legs.”

So, it did sound like Rihanna and Hassan have agreed on more serious things like starting an adorable family.

They certainly look great together, and we’re pretty sure that they will have beautiful kids in the instance that they decide to settle down. RiRi has kept her relationship with the Saudi billionaire low-key to avoid too much media attention. The insider said that the Barbadian singer is trying to avoid the controversies that she went through during her past relationships especially with Drake and Chris Brown.

Who is Hassan Jameel?

The new beau of Rihanna is apparently not a football star, but he owns a soccer league named the Jameel league and also the Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel. The company is one of the world’s largest companies, which is one reason why RiRi’s father doesn’t agree that she’s dating the guy.

However, RiRi reportedly asked his dad not to intervene with her relationship. It is said that she has fallen in love with Hassan and they both have confessed their love for each other.

Do you also think that Rihanna and Hassan Jameel make a great couple? Will they settle down anytime soon?