Rihanna and Chris Brown have had a tumultuous breakup in February 2009 when Breezy left her bruised and bloody after a heated altercation over a woman who sent him a text message that night. He admitted that he did hit her and punched her by his closed fist when she threw his phone and started kicking him. He recently opened up about that terrible incident in his documentary “Welcome to My Life” that reportedly made RiRi upset. However, despite the bad things that happened between them, the Barbadian beauty is still worried about Breezy and still has a love for him.

Breezy is still special to RiRi

A source close to Rihanna recently said that she worries about him and will always love him but there’s nothing she can do. “She thinks he’s in a really bad place right now and she’s concerned but what can she do?" the source told Hollywood Life. "She knows he wants her back, he still calls her and messages her, and he’s still in contact with her family too.” The source went on to say that Chris tried to win her back so many times and begged her to come back to him, but RiRi is no longer interested. She is now dating Saudi Arabian Hassan Jameel, whose company is one of the biggest worldwide.

RiRi is happy with her new beau

Rihanna has just started dating Hassan Jameel a few months ago, but an insider recently told Hollywood Life that the couple is already talking about tying the knot to start their own family.

However, they are still getting to know each other better, but they are both madly in love. RiRi has also been keeping her relationship away from the spotlight to protect each other. She’s been in a rocky relationship with Chris Brown, which has become one of the hot-topics among fans. Apparently, she doesn’t want another “splashy public romance, ” and the Saudi billionaire also wants the same.

Breezy’s recent revelation upsets RiRi

In Breezy’s documentary, “Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life,” he recounted the night in February 2009 when he had the terrible fight with Rihanna. This reportedly made RiRi disappointed since she was reminded how it broke her. She has moved on from it and is now happy with his new love interest, but the revelation made her upset again.

As what the source said, taking Breezy back is no longer an option for her especially that her family won’t like the idea if they’d get back together.

Chris Brown has also been asking their friends about Rihanna and if there is something he can do to win her back. However, RiRi has learned her lessons. They’re probably amicable with each other but getting back together is no longer possible. After all, she deserves to be happy.