Rihanna is an internationally recognized superstar and recently has revealed that she has signed up for a partnership with the Clara Lionel Foundation and Ofo in Malawi. The celebrity is bringing the issues surrounding education to light and has dedicated herself to becoming part of the solution to help young girls receive an education. The singer has promised several more scholarships for young girls in Malawi as an incentive to continue their education.

Rihanna is making waves in Malawi

According to Billboard, Rihanna has recently signed up for a partnership with the Clara Lionel Foundation in order to bring more education opportunities to girls in Malawi.

This sponsorship will allow easier transport for girls to attend school and the first batch of bikes have already been dispatched.

There are an estimated 4.6 million students in Malawi but among that, only 8% of them finish their secondary school education. Girls are especially affected by this and according to Variety, Rihanna wanted to help with the situation by enabling girls to get a better education.

The partnership will be ongoing for the next 5 years and is called "1 KM Action." The organization plans to help the existing Global Scholarship Programme and Rihanna has also pledged to add more scholarships to the program that she will personally fund herself.

The dropout rate for girls is higher because of the transportation issue in particular.

Together with Clara Lionel Foundation Rihanna hopes to make a change to this by enabling easier access for girls to bikes.

The star commented on her involved

According to Variety, Rihanna is thrilled to be involved in such a project and has expressed this openly to the media. Rihanna has stated that she is extremely happy with her new partnership, as it will allow young girls to finally get the education that they deserve.

She stated that the girls will also be safer having access to bikes and will no longer have to walk long distances alone in order to get to school.

Rihanna has also released video footage of her first trip to Malawi earlier this year where she learned from the "Global Partnership for Malawians" about the education crisis. The celebrity visited the schools of Malawi and before she even left, she had decided that she wanted to be involved in being part of the solution to the education problem in the town.

The celebrity met several teachers and school girls in her visit and got to see first-hand how dire the situation is for young girls. However, Rihanna has now dedicated herself to help with the situation and the singer has received great praise from her fans online.