rachel lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are still on cloud nine after their engagement was announced on Monday. On Monday's finale of "The Bachelorette" season 13, the female barrister picked the 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami to be her real-life partner.

Bryan Abasolo was against Peter Kraus and Eric Bigger at the end of the competition. Rachel Lindsay was particularly torn between Abasolo and Kraus, but eventually chose the person who has given his full commitment to their relationship. "I have an amazing life. These last few months have been amazing," she after the big reveal.

Lindsay gushes about her fiance on Instagram

The Dallas-based attorney finally made her relationship with Bryan Abasolo Instagram official by uploading a photo from their engagement day in Spain. The couple was all smiles as they raised their glasses to celebrate their love for each other.

"This day was a dream come true," she captioned. "Bryan, you have shown me a love that I've never had before. You've challenged me in ways I could have never imagined."

Rachel Lindsay recalled what both of them had to go through for the past couple of months and thanked her fiance for being her "rock" all throughout the journey. "We found love in such a public way but the depths of our love is something that only we will know and will have to each other forever," she mused.

She went on to say that she has no regrets for taking the path that led her to him. The 32-year-old also thanked Bryan Abasolo for showing his true personality on "The Bachelorette" and for not conforming to other people's perception of him.

"Thank you for always taking the high road and thank you for loving me unconditionally.

I love you with all of me, Bryan Abasolo, and more than I could ever define to you! I am so excited to spend forever with you," she captioned their photo.

Abasolo dedicates sweet message to Lindsay after 'The Bachelorette' finale

The 37-year-old lucky suitor also took to Instagram to profess his love for Rachel Lindsay after several months of keeping their affection under wraps.

Bryan Abasolo said hearing fiance say "yes" was the "greatest moment" of his life and gushed about being lucky to have her beside him.

"Every single day literally gets better and better with you and reaffirms that God placed you in my path for a reason," he said. "I can't wait to start our new life together full of fun and adventure!"

The lucky suitor also promised to cherish Rachel Lindsay for a lifetime as they both look forward to spending the rest of their lives together.