On Monday night the "USA" network ran a commercial advertising that "Psych" the movie will be out soon. In the clip, James Roday (Shawn) exaggerated the situation as he always did on the television series. He spoke as if it were going to be a major motion picture coming to a theater near you. And as usual, Gus, (Dule Hill) corrected his friend by announcing it would be a made for TV holiday movie airing on "USA" in December.

Psych has remained on the air

"Psych" ran for 8 seasons on "USA," and continues in reruns on the "ION" network. Fans of the show, referred to as "Psychos" should be rejoicing to see the team back together again.

On the series finale, Juliet had moved to San Francisco, to work with Karen. Shawn decided to leave Santa Barbara to be with Juliet and, and Gus, of course, followed Shawn.

Upon arrival Shawn finally proposed and Gus answered that both he and Juliet accepted. As soon as Shawn pulled out his grandmother's ring, someone ran by and snatched it out of his hand. The final scene has the trio riding in the blueberry, chasing the bad guys and that's how it ended. There was talk of a movie 3 years ago when the cast gathered to discuss the ending of the series. "Psych" as a feature film will also be in San Francisco, rather than Santa Barbara.

All of the cast from the television series will be in the movie

Psychos will be elated to know that the entire cast from the television series will be in the movie. Shawn, Gus, Woody, Henry, Karen, Juliet, and Lassie will be reunited once more. On a sad note, Timothy Omundson, who portrays Carl Lassie Lassiter, is recuperating from the effects of a stroke.

Series creator Steve Franks insists however they will find a way to make him a part of the feature film. This is good news because the movie would not have the same feel, without Shawn taunting Lassie.

In a day and age where so many television shows and feature films are filled with nudity and profanity, "Psych" held its own with tongue in cheek humor and good clean fun.

The cast worked well together and has a great chemistry, that no doubt will be just as strong now, as it was during the show's 8-year run. Roday and Hill wanted to end the series while it was still on top and maintained it's fan base.

The success of the movie may not bring the show back for another 8 seasons, but perhaps a few more feature films could be in the future. Stay tuned Psychos for more updates regarding Tim Omundson, and keep him in your thoughts and prayers because miracles do happen. Keep watching "USA" for additional information on "Psych the movie."