The latest updates and spoilers for the "Justice League" movie will feature changes in the film's ending and Steppenwolf's origin story in the DC Extended Universe.

Changing the film's ending

It seems that rumors about the changes in the "Justice League" movie have surfaced throughout the internet as reports about director Joss Whedon changing the film's tone and the ending in its reshoot schedules.

According to Slash Films, "Justice League" will no longer end in a cliffhanger and will de-emphasize elements of the story that suggest Darkseid's arrival on planet Earth is imminent.

The publication added that one flashbacks scene would feature "Wonder Woman" character Antiope in a possible fight against Steppenwolf showing how much of a big threat the villain could be during the movie.

Whedon took on the reshooting schedules and post-production duties for the film after director Zack Snyder took a leave of absence due to a family tragedy. The "Avengers" director was already working on script rewrites as the DCEU attempts to separate the gritty and dark tone of "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" and add the optimistic worldview of "Wonder Woman" into the movie.

One of the changes in the film's reshoot schedules is Cyborg having a lighter tone. Joe Morton, who plays Cyborg's father Silas Stone told IGN that there is not much change in regards to his role, but the reshoots in London were focused mainly on Ray Fisher's character.

New villain origin story?

A new up-close photo of Steppenwolf has been revealed online showing his humanoid face along with his intimidating war helmet. The Apokolips general will serve as the film's main villain leading the Paradaemons on Earth to collect the Mother Boxes and in the process, conquer the planet as well.

Since his announcement, every fan and blogger started to research and familiarize themselves about the DC villain and his connections to Darkseid and his father, Yuga Khan.

However, some fans think that despite the fact that Steppenwolf is the main villain, his character render and design could hint an entirely different origin story.

Fans began to compare his image to that of Yuga Khan and speculated that the DCEU version of the villain could be Darkseid's father, thus separating it from the comic book source material.

This was the case for Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal of Lex Luthor, who is named after his deceased father.

So far, Warner Bros. and Snyder have not yet made any statements regarding the fan theory, and hopefully, all of the answers will be revealed in the movie.

"Justice League" will premiere in cinemas on Nov. 17.