As seasons go, "Power" is firing on all cylinders in their 4th year. In the latest episode titled "That Ain't Me", Tommy finds out more about his father Tony Teresi. When Teresi requests Tommy visit him in prison, Tommy agrees but has to prove that he's Teresi's immediate family.

At his mother Kate's house, Tommy searches for his birth certificate only to come up short. After threatening his mom with the not so subtle hint of Holly's disappearance, Tommy retrieves the birth certificate.

Angered by the fact that Kate kept Teresi away from Tommy as a child, Tommy leaves taking her personal stash of coke with him.

This is when things go further south. Dre (with the help of Cristobal) torches the warehouse distribution of drugs, citing an electrical fire as an excuse with plans on further undermining Tommy's leadership.

Tommy, needing help, turns to Tasha and LaKeisha who both turn him down. He then turns to Ghost to cut him a check, who sees Tommy's started using cocaine again. After an intense exchange of words, Ghost gives him the money for resupply...warning him not to come back til he's sober.

Quid pro quo

Ghost discusses Kanan with Tariq, who indulges that he knows that Ghost snitched to put Kanan in prison. Ghost assures his son that Kanan would never reach out to them considering he had a role in Jukebox's murder.

Later, Ghost and Councilman Tate are interviewed by the news.

Ghost relays to the attractive reporter that his questionable past created a window of opportunity for him later in life and how he'd like to give back to the community. As per his character, Ghost continues to play mental chess with Simon Stern. After finding out that Stern would no longer be a silent partner in their venture, Ghost consults with Councilman Tate about his "findings": that Stern would benefit the most from their venture...although Ghost has 51 percent ownership.

Tate takes this info to the City Council of New York during Stern's proposal and reminds the committee that Ghost isn't a small shareholder and blocks Sterns efforts for more compensation. The committee suggests the current contract should be voided with a new one drawn up before proceeding.

Two steps back

Tariq passes a successful interview to get into Choate, with Ghost looking on.

A doubtful Tariq wonders if he'd gotten in the prep school until his dad assures him he will.

In the meantime, corrupt cop Ray Ray confronts Brains and his buddy over their botched robbery (from the last episode). Brains blames Tariq for. it.

Ray Ray sternly warns Brains who Tariq's father is and the fact that he's friends with Kanan. Ray Ray covers it up by killing them both before the situation spirals out of control. Tariq spends time with Destiny, letting her know he'd be leaving to go to Choate.

Ray Ray goes to Tariq's school looking for him, and Raina relays this info to Tariq. Tariq comes clean warning Raina that Ray Ray is actually a Dirty Cop and pleads with her not to tell their parents.

To lure Tariq out of his school dance, Ray Ray (who's actually Destiny's cousin) takes Destiny's phone using a fake text message. Tariq, knowing that he'd probably be murdered after seeing Ray Ray, runs away but Raina sees and confronts Ray Ray about her brother. In retaliation, she's shot and killed...with Tariq watching.

That's where this episode of "Power" ended, leaving everyone grieving and awaiting Ghost's reaction to the loss of Raina in the upcoming Season 4 finale titled "You Can't Fix This."

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