In recent years, cable news has turned into more a political drama program than an actual presentation of the day's current events. While that may be the case, notable Christian Pat Robertson is still making headlines due to his controversial remarks and views which were evident during his most recent broadcast.

Robertson on MSNBC

The United States of America is a secular country where individuals are free to practice, or not practice, any religion that they choose. The government is also free from following any religious doctrine, which further leaves the ability of any American not to be dictated to by a a faith-based system.

Despite this, many on the political right disagree with how the American system works and often attempt to push their own religious beliefs on others. One of the most prominent voices in the faith based community for decades has been Pat Robertson, the chief of the Christian Broadcasting Network and host of the "700 Club." While religion often dominates the show, politics finds its way into the discussion on a routine basis. On Monday night, Robertson expressed his disgust that the liberal-leaning MSNBC was now pulling in better ratings with some demographics than the conservative Fox News. As reported by Mediaite on August 8, Robertson was not pleased.

During his Monday night broadcast, Pat Robertson elaborated on his thoughts of MSNBC becoming more popular over the last year.

"MSNBC is now winning the demographic ratings against Fox, they’ve got the demos, which is the 18 to 49 young people, isn't that amazing?" Robertson rhetorically asked.

"Rachel Maddow of all people is number one," Pat Robertson continued, before accusing Fox News of "self-imposed wounds." "Those lawyers better get out of the picture and let the programmers run that network," Robertson went on to say.

In addition, Robertson also went on to defend Fox News host Eric Bolling from the recent allegations that he took part in sexting and sending lewd pictures to female co-workers without their consent.

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While Pat Robertson and others on the far right of the political spectrum continue to be in disbelief with the current state of the country, President Donald Trump is also on hard times.

According to the most recent round of polling, Trump is now holding on to just a 35 percent approval rating despite the favorable coverage he receives on a daily basis from the majority of the talent on Fox News.