Sansa has suddenly become one of the most hated "Game of Thrones" characters. Most fans think she will betray her family, that she will be played by Littlefinger. Many fans think she craves power, just like her "mentor" Petyr Baelish. But the truth is that we might have been tricked by the showrunners. Keep reading, and you will realize that it's probably time to Change Your Mind about Lady Stark.

Those looks

Sansa undermined Jon's authority in public more than once, and that wasn't cool. But what makes all of us think that she will betray the Starks are a few looks she exchanged with Littlefinger.

Check the end of the following clip:

This wasn't the first weird, suspicious look Lady Stark exchanged with Petyr Baelish in a relevant moment of the story. But these moments may actually mean that Sansa is worried by Littlefinger, that she's struggling to find a way to get rid of him. In our opinion, these ambiguous looks have been used by the writers to mislead us.

Sansa despises Littlefinger

If you look at Sansa from the right perspective, you will realize that almost every word she said in season 7 indicates that she's totally aware of Littlefinger's dangerousness. And it's clear that she despises him.

The season 7 premiere underlines that Jon needs to listen to and respect Sansa. She has learned a lot from Cersei, but she wants to use what she learned from the worst characters (Cersei, Littlefinger) to protect her family from the mistakes Ned and Robb have made.

When she's alone with Littlefinger in episode 1 she clearly doesn't like his company and dismiss him as soon as possible (remember her sharp put down? “No need to have the last word Lord Baelish, I’ll assume it was something clever”). Shortly after, she tells Brienne in an annoyed tone of voice that she "knows exactly what [Baelish] wants."

In episode 3, Littlefinger says he knows Cersei better than anyone in Winterfell, and Sansa replies, sharply, that she knows that the woman who murdered her mother, father and brother is dangerous.

As you can see from the clip below, she's not happy to be stalked by Baelish.

Why episode 4 was so revealing

During the Bran and Arya reunion in the Ghostwood of Winterfell Sansa warns his brother about Littlefinger. After seeing the Valyrian Steel Dagger Baelish gave to Bran, she immediately thinks that Littlefinger is up to something.

"He's not a generous man," Sansa says. "He wouldn't give you anything unless he thought he was getting something back." Her reaction is genuine: she's really concerned about the meeting between Bran and Littlefinger. She tells us once again that Baelish is dangerous and cannot be trusted.

If you forget about the misleading looks between Sansa and Baelish, it's clear that Lady Stark sees Littlefinger as a problem. She knows what a horrible person he is, he even sold her to Ramsay Bolton! It's clear that Sansa doesn't want to team up with him. It's also clear that she's vigilant: she's not going to be easily tricked by Baelish.

So, according to what we saw in season 7

  • Sansa is well aware of Littlefinger's dangerousness.
  • She knows he is a murderer.
  • She has several reasons to hate him.
  • She doesn't want to be Captain Creepy's queen.
  • She loves her family members.

In our opinion, Sansa won't team up with Baelish in any way. She's going to fight him as soon as she can. Remember what Tyrion told Jon in "The Queen's Justice": Sansa "is much smarter than she lets on"...