Orphan Black” Season 5 recently come to an end and the Sestra-hood is now free from the things that haunted them for years. As things turn out right for all of them, there are still some clones wandering out in the open.

With that, some fans are now wondering if the science fiction thriller’s story is really over. In fact, there are swirling rumors that a movie adaptation is about to be made.

More stories to tell

“I suppose there’s always a possibility,” the show’s co-creator John Fawcett told Entertainment Weekly.

In fact, he admitted that he also wanted to see Delphine and Cosima continue their adventures and journeys in a new tale.

They have spent their time focusing on creating diversity in their Leda clones, thus they think that they still have more stories to tell about the many different individuals they made. “Certainly their adventures globe-trotting as they inoculate these girls is interesting dramatically,” he said.

John Fawcett continued to confess that he and his co-creator Graeme Manson “have always loved the idea” of doing a Feature Film about their clones. He even teased that there might be a new life waiting for them now that the Television Series has ended, although they are not sure of it yet.

Manson, on the other hand, hinted that a film would definitely feature everything, from the start until the end of the franchise.

He even disclosed that they have been talking about the movie for a long while now. As a matter of fact, “Orphan Black” concept is originally made for a feature film.

A possibility of a bigger project

However, they might have a hard time to fit the “Orphan Black” story in a two-hour movie, thus it would be the biggest challenge John Fawcett and Graeme Manson have to face.

But, as they have spent five years building the show’s story, they might now have the foundation to work on a stand-alone narrative that could be seen on the big screen. Manson explained that this may be the right time to do a movie version of the television series that tells the stories of Tatiana Maslany’s characters. As they have told so much about its tale, the scope of its story, perhaps, closed in a bit.

“We could really come up with something to fit into a two-hour type format,” he told EW. As they see it as a big challenge, they will now take a little break first and think of the most effective way to adapt the show to a film feature.

Manson even teased that although he wanted to see all of the show’s characters take a quick break, he might going to miss them soon and can’t control themselves to return and do another big project.