“The Vampire Diaries” actress Nina Dobrev was recently interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar magazine and shared that it was her choice to leave the hit series. She also shared that after her stint in the show, she is now selective about her roles.

In the interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Dobrev shared that leaving “The Vampire Diaries” was her plan to do so. She told the magazine that bowing out from the popular TV series before the final season “was her choice.”

“That was the plan. If there is anything, the fact that I left terrified me drove me to do more.

I needed to feel the fear of never getting a job again, but that made me work harder five times to make sure that it will never happen,” the 28-year-old actress said in the interview. Dobrev was best known for her portrayal of the show’s main character, Elena Gilbert, which was shown in CW since 2009.

E! News reported that her decision was considered risky, and “potentially a career suicide.” She revealed more about her upcoming projects in the interview.

‘Picky’ about roles

After her stellar performance in the CW series, the Bulgarian actress also shared that she became “picky” and selective about accepting roles. She told Harper’s Bazaar that she now wants to play more mature and more challenging roles.

“I do not want to play a young teenager anymore. I want to play more challenging and adult characters and be challenged to work with great directors and tell great stories, and that means I have to be picky,” the actress added. She also said that the things that she wanted to do are not the things that are exactly anticipated from her.

Right now, Dobrev will reportedly produce and co-write a movie, apart from getting a directorial position in a short film, the magazine’s website stated. She is presently taking Improv classes in New York to hone her skills, the report added.

Leaving ‘Vampire Diaries’

E! News reported that the actress bowed out from the show even before the seventh and final season started.

She left the show after the sixth season ended. It was reportedly surprising for the fans, who watched her character Elena Gilbert die before the series even reached the finale.

The Vampire Diaries” is an award-winning television drama that featured actors Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. The story is about two vampire brothers from the past who crossed paths with a woman in the present. The series ran for eight seasons and were loved by fans around the world.