While Netflix is on its way to hitting the top score as a media company, their plans on acquiring not just mere license but intellectual property has reached its depth. Just this Monday, they reported having acquired a comic book company operated and created by Mark Millar – the Millarworld Company.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer announced the deal but didn’t mention the details. He said that Mark Millar is the best that he can get to modern-day Stan Lee. He praised him for creating and re-inventing few of the most celebrated stories and characters in the recent years including Marvel’s “The Avenger“, “Wanted”, “Reborn” franchises, “The Kingsman”, and “Kick-ass.”

Millarworld and Netflix made history

It is very resounding on how Netflix, a major media company acquired Millarworld, a comic maker.

It can be noted that it is only the third time in the history that this instance has happened. It is reported to have been compared with that of in 1986 when Warner Brothers bought DC Comics and when Walt Disney bought Marvel way back 2009.

By the mere fact that Netflix bought the comic book company, it would give Mark Millar the idea on how much Netflix believes in him and the rest of the company. Netflix believes on how Millar and Millarworld could bring to the table the stories and characters that they have created and will be creating.

What Mark Millar had to say about the acquisition

In an interview, Mark Millar of Millarworld said that he was really honored with the acquisition of Netflix as this is making a history of being the third time that a comic book company is being purchased at this level.

He said that he is so in love with what Netflix will be doing with all of their creations. He then added that Netflix is the best future that their company can possibly have.

It can be remembered that Millar started his company about 15 years ago with the help of some few artists who worked for him. He said that his company has worked for over 20 different franchises and now they have been bought by the hottest and most exciting entertainment company on Earth.

He also added that calling this event as the best thing that ever happened to their entire professional life would be an understatement.

Millar made the scene even more exciting when he utters words like he can’t wait to start working with the team and that Netflix would help them take Millarworld’s character into a global powerhouse. He then adds that from the very moment they stepped on Netflix’s headquarters, it instantly felt like home for them and the rest of their creations.