The revival of "Nashville" Season 5 had beaten all of the odds despite ABC canceled the series when it joined CMT late last year. Now, the time has come that series will end another chapter before it returns next year for the sixth installment.

Deacon goes head-to-head against Zach

"Nashville" Season 5 Episode 22 will air on Thursday, August 10, 2017. WARNING! Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk.

Last week, the show featured the group as they made the decision to stand up for the sake of art. Deacon previously had a hard time convincing Maddie to adjust as per Zach's orders.

It was later revealed he and Zach had an altercation regarding the matter which led Deacon gathering his team for a serious talk.

The upcoming episode will take Deacon and other Highway 65 artists as they go against their own label. According to the latest teaser, Zach would not be happy upon hearing the news from Deacon.

Titled as "Reasons to Quit," the season finale is set to show the possible consequences and the aftermath of their supposed action for the same man who leads and pays them to work. It was after they had some creative differences in the last few episodes.

Maddie and Juliette fights over a song

The synopsis from CMT also said that the secret will be revealed which might put Maddie and Juliette against each other.

The video features Daphne saying that Hayden Panettiere's role indeed copied the song from her sister.

In the clip, Deacon looked infuriated while Juliette begs him to help her solve the problem. It is unknown if he will aid Juliette or not his decision would indeed affect not only her career but their rapports as well.

Juliette already has a lot of her plate, so she called on Avery for some advice.

However, it looks like Juliette may have another competition in Molly who have been trying to flirt with her lover to no avail.

Other "Nashville" Season 5 spoilers include some updates on Daphne and Gunnar. It is said that Daphne will attend an upcoming party by the pool. Meanwhile, Gunnar will also mark his return after joining Avery on his latest tour.

Another Hollywood celebrity joins "Nashville"

Kacey Musgraves will make an appearance on the season finale of "Nashville" Season 5. As of now, there is still no update on her role, but it might have a connection to some of the main characters. Musgraves recently teased a snippet of her personalized actor's chair alongside Charles Esten and Claire Bowen.

The blog Sounds Like Nashville reported that she is the latest music artist who will make a guest-starring appearance on the musical drama series. Previous season featured other celebrity guest stars including Sir Elton John, Steven Tyler, Brad Paisley and Kesha among others.

Following the Season 5 finale, "Nashville" Season 6 will have a short hiatus before returning on a 2018 premiere date. According to TV Guide, the new installment will just have 16 episodes which are different from the usual 23 episodes per season.

"Nashville" Season 6 returns next year. Stay tuned for more updates.