The 34th annual MTV Video Music Awards this year was hosted by Katy Perry. Kendrick Lamar kicked off the grand evening with a medley of his tracks. Here we give you a brief summary of the best, and especially the worst moment of the evening.

Performance of Kendrick Lamar

The guest list for this 2017 MTV VMA edition may have been less than the year before but all the same, the Kendrick Lamar performance deserves to be seen again and again. Compton's rapper disembarked with an army of ninjas dressed in black on stage to deliver an energetic show of "DNA" and "Humble," which is said to be one of the most extraordinary performances of the night.

Grand prize winner of the evening, Kendrick Lamar left with six prizes.

Pink's speech

The 2017 Honor Award or Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award was presented to Pink on Sunday evening. And the heartfelt speech of the 37-year-old singer moved everyone. She evoked her daily struggle to build and strengthen the self-esteem of her daughter, uncomfortable with her androgynous physique. She praised Michael Jackson and David Bowie for denying gender criteria.

The clip of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift took advantage of the huge audience of the MTV VMA ceremony to unveil her long awaited clip of her new single "Look What You Made Me Do". But if the singer headed over to social networks a little later, she may not have liked what she would have seen there.

On Twitter and elsewhere, many Internet users have re-instigated multiple references and scenes plagiarized from Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, and others for this video.

The son of DJ Khaled

Let it be said, if there was only one true star of this evening, in fact, it was Asahd, the son of Dj Khaled. Less than a year old, the little boy accompanied his superstar dad everywhere.

So on the mat of MTV VMA, Asahd had put on his best Gucci outfit. Asahd is the coolest kid.

The dance of Lorde

The worst moment of the evening is graciously offered by Lorde. The New Zealander, a victim of the flu and therefore was unable to sing, opted for a performance of contemporary dance completely perched to the rhythm of her track titled "Perfect Places.

" She might have done better to abstain. The Internet fans of Lorde thanked her for her performance.

Thirty Seconds to Mars

The splendidly colorful lively effects on Jared Leto and company for their show of "Walk on Water" was not specifically the modern technology as promoted, but definitely, it was a performance we had not seen it before.