International pop singer Katy Perry hosted the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, held last Sunday night at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Not only did she perform her hit single on stage, but she also took a moment to make some politically-related comments.

Perry was introduced amid loud cheers from the audiences, descending from the ceiling as an astronaut. She was dressed in an astronaut outfit, complete with the head gear. As she landed on the MTV VMAs stage, she started with her opening speech.

Her opening monologue was played out as if she has been gone too long, and only returned to Earth that night.

She said, “You guys look great because before I left, I took a break. When I left, it seemed like things were screwed up. But you look happier and peaceful. Since I’ve been gone, the world is doing good, right?”

Following this statement were a few funny moments on stage, such as holding up the trendy fidget spinner and choosing her wardrobe for the night. She was handed a mock-up newspaper that read, “The world is on fire.”

Katy Perry performs ‘Swish Swish’

Her main event was her performance of her newest single “Swish Swish,” from her album “Witness.” The stage was arranged as a basketball court-themed performing space, complete with giant balls and a towering basketball ring.

She wore a white ensemble with gold-colored lining around the neckline, sleeves and the skirt.

She performed with her co-artist Nicki Minaj who dressed up like a sports referee. The performance ended with Perry being hoisted on top of a huge basketball ring, as she held the ball and threw a final shot inside the ring.

Perry was nominated in various categories during the awards show. She was awarded for Best Pop Video, Best Direction and Best Visual Effects for “Chained to the Rhythm,” Best Collaboration for her featured performance in “Feels,” and Best Art Direction for “Bon Appetit.” Unfortunately, she did not win any award.

Political remarks

The singer also made some political statements on stage. During her opening monologue, she featured an outfit from the "Handmaid’s Tale." It was a red clock and white-colored bonnet from the book, which was later turned into a Hulu TV show. According to Time, it depicted a world ruled by authoritarianism and a world that forced women to bear children.

She also made comments on President Trump’s Twitter activities. She said, “Some people can save to draft more tweets, right guys?” The female singer also mentioned Hillary Clinton, the candidate she supported in 2016, and said that when she becomes president, she would put out a timeless record that people like.