Chris Brown has come forward to talk about the night when he Assaulted in Rihanna. The star has released a documentary titled "Chris Brown: Welcome to my Life" in which he talks about his and Rihanna's violent relationship. Fans have never heard Brown's side to the story and are wondering if he is making up that, the relationship was violent between the two of them to save his own skin.

The singer opened up about the night that he attacked Rihanna

According to Entertainment Online, Chris Brown features in a new documentary titled "Chris Brown: Welcome to my Life" where he recalls the night he physically assaulted his girlfriend at the time, Rihanna.

The assault took place back in 2009 and Chris Brown stated that he had come clean about a sexual encounter between him and a woman who worked for him when the altercations started.

Brown claims that Rihanna immediately turned hostile and that his confession came as a huge surprise to Rihanna. He stated that she started to punch and kick him and even went as far as biting his arm. Chris had previously denied that he had cheated on Rihanna and stated that he could no longer keep the cheating a secret.

As the violence escalated, Chris stated that he lost his cool and punched Rihanna. Pictures of the abused girlfriend appeared online shortly after the event in 2009 and showed Rihanna with a bruised lip, eyes and face.

The images shocked the world and Brown were sentenced to five years’ probation for the assault.

Brown admitted that the relationship between him and Rihanna had turned sour after he admitted to cheating on her. He stated that she no longer loved him and even though he tried everything to win her trust back that there was simply no way she could ever trust him again.

He explained that they were aggressive with one another and often had yelling matches.

Brown still claims that he is in love with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna

According to the Daily Mail, Chris Brown has admitted that he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna but that he knows their relationship would never work out. He stated the once he admitted to the cheated the violence between them escalated and that often she would hit him and vice versa.

Chris Brown has stated that the violence between them was never okay and that the pair should have ended things sooner. He admits that he felt like an absolute monster the night that he attacked Rihanna. She has since spoken about the incident and claimed that she lost her best friend that night and that is something that she may never come to terms with.

Chris Brown's new documentary has received some controversial reviews as he finally tells his side of the story.