Tom Cruise is not OK. The actor who has been filming "Mission Impossible 6" in London has met an accident earlier this week leaving him with broken bones. The actor was seen falling off a filming set and hitting his body hard on the side of the building. The injuries will cause a delay in filming and the expected release date of the next "Mission Impossible" movie.

Tom Cruise breaks bones while filming "MI6"

The 55-year-old actor has been filming the sixth installment of his smash hit film series, "Mission Impossible," for months now. Cruise was previously seen filming atop a Paris rooftop with helicopters.

Earlier this week, he was also spotted by paparazzi's filming one of his scenes in London. According to a video posted by TMZ, the Oscar-nominee was jumping off a scaffolding onto another rooftop. Known for doing his stunts, the scene seemed to be one of the simpler stunts in the "Mission Impossible 6" movie. However, the stunt didn't go as planned, leaving the actor injured.

Jumping off the rigging, the actor didn't reach the next rooftop, leaving him plummeting and hitting the side of the building. Recent updates now reveal that the Tom Cruise stunt fail left him with two broken bones. According to The Sun UK, the actor suffered broken bones in his ankle. The injury was serious enough for Cruise to fly back to the US, with filming being put to a halt as it will take months for him to heal.

The source revealed "Mission Impossible 6" filming has been set back for four months.

“The injury is worse than was at first feared. Tom did serious damage and will need months to recover," an insider told the newspaper. “He is the film’s biggest star, and everything revolves around him.

The movie’s bosses had no choice other than to postpone the filming.”

Injury pushes "Mission Impossible 6" release date

Tom Cruise is known for doing his own stunts. He famously hung to the side of a plane in "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" and climbed the Burj Khalifa in "Ghost Protocol." With him out with an injury, the "Mission Impossible 6" release date will probably be moved from Christmas 2018 to a later date in 2019.

Upon "The Mummy" actor's return, he is expected to work on his own stunts again. The crew will hopefully be able to keep safe from further injuries. Aside from "MI6", the actor will also be starring in the sequel to the 1986 cult hit "Top Gun." "Top Gun 2: Maverick" is expected to premiere in 2019.