derick dillard can't catch a break on social media. After his recent anti-transgender tirade against Jazz Jennings, Jill Duggar's husband is facing the ire of netizens for another slanted comment on his Instagram account.

It all began when Derick uploaded a new pic with wife Jill Duggar and their two boys, showing their new family ministry. The Dillards have previously announced that they will no longer be going back to Central America following baby Samuel's birth last month. Jill and Derick will now be working as full-time campus ministers at Cross Church.

Duggar fans got excited with Derick's new update and congratulated both Jill and Derick for their new ministry. One follower asked if they will be welcomed at their church since her husband is Chinese.

Derick's attempt at being funny turns sour

"I don't know if I'd be welcome at your church. My husband is Chinese. Is that acceptable?" the fan asked.

"Yes! We love Chinese!" Derick wrote back.

Derick Dillard may have tried to inject humor in his reply, but it definitely didn't sound funny for most of his IG followers. Many pointed out that Derick's use of the word "Chinese" inappropriately referred to Chinese food rather than Chinese people.

They argued that the reality-star-slash-missionary took the topic of race very lightly.

After all, associating Chinese people with food could be borderline racist. They reminded Derick to be more mindful of his words before sharing them on social media.

Derick tweets a verse after backlash

After critics slammed Derick's insensitive comment, the Duggar son-in-law returned to Twitter to share Bible verses. His recent tweet was a passage from Proverbs about how people should not be quick to "jump to conclusions."

Interestingly, Derick also tweeted a series of Bible verses after his anti-LGBT controversy.

While both TLC and Jazz Jennings gave a statement about the issue, Derick Dillard chose to remain quiet and posted Biblical quotes instead.

Jill and Derick are expected to return to television for a new season of "Counting On" this September. Viewers will likely see the last stages of Jill's second pregnancy and, hopefully, her delivery.

Duggar fans can expect to see more of the couple since they will now be staying in the United States for good.

What do you think about Derick Dillard's Instagram comment about Chinese people? Do you think people jumped to conclusions about his response?