Miley Cyrus is not a shy young lady and she has surprised her fans with more jaw-dropping antics than many celebs who have achieved her level of fame. There's some rather raunchy talk being reported behind the scenes when it comes to what folks might expect from Miley Cyrus at the VMAs this Sunday night. Apparently, Miley is expected to talk a few minutes before breaking into song and some of the suggestions that are being tossed around about how to fill those two minutes may curl your toes.

According to Page Six, Miley's "creative director," or at least that is what Diane Martel calls herself, was overheard tossing around a few ideas for the "Wrecking Ball" singer at Sunday night awards.

Martel directed Miley in her new "Younger Now" video and she is also involved in her VMA gig.

Within ear shot

It seems Miley is allotted a minute or so stage time before she is due to break out singing. Martel was overheard at lunch recently complaining about Miley's team not being able to come to an agreement on what that is going to look like. According to those who witnessed Martel discussing her dilemma, she was very loud, so it was rather easy to hear some of the suggestions she flung out there.

Puppet sniffing around Miley's undercarriage?

Martel talked how she envisioned Miley spending those few VMA minutes in a way to "show off her acting chops, " but at the same time "jibe with the new single's video concept," according to Page Six.

Her ideas were said to be a bit raunchy and it entailed a Puppet sketch. One idea had something to do with a "puppet orgy." Then Martel got a bit more detailed and suggested that one of the puppets should sniff at Miley's private parts. That scene is coupled with Miley making the joke about "keeping it clean down there."

Trump will get you headlines

Then the source said that Martel looked annoyed while passing along the information that Miley's manager, Adam Leber, wants Miley to say a few lines about President Trump.

Apparently, in Leber's head, that will get Miley into the headlines. This is probably when you ask yourself.... what, a puppet sniffing Miley's undercarriage after a puppet orgy and Miley joking about keeping it clean isn't enough to get Miley into the headlines?

It also sounds as if Miley's manager's ears might have been ringing at the time as Martel continued to talk about him by referring to Leber as a "stupid a-hole." Martel is no novice in this game.

She has many videos under her belt that she's directed for celebs that include big names like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Mariah Carey.

Twerking was once risque, but raunchy-acting puppets?

It sounds like Miley Cyrus is someone to watch on Sunday night when she takes the VMA stage. Will a little puppet really be sniffing around Miley and will a puppet orgy even be something that is feasible in prime time? Oh well, we will all soon find out. After all, the word "raunchy" is something they might have used when talking about Miley twerking if they knew about it before hand a few years back.