Jon Wolfe is a lauded Country Music star from Oklahoma He recently released an album titled "Any Night in Texas" which includes the hit single "Boots On A Dance Floor," a number-one hit on Texas radio that has been streamed over one and a half million times on Spotify. His current single, “Baby This and Baby That” is on a similar track to success as well. Via an exclusive Interview, Jon recently discussed his music, experiences as a singer and entertainer, his new album, and more.

Country music and inspiration

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did your love for music begin and when did you know you wanted to play country music for a living?

Jon Wolfe (JW): As a kid, I actually fell in love with singers like Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr, but that quickly led to George Strait and Garth Brooks and my love affair with country music began. I was a teenager when I saw Garth Brooks at Drillers stadium in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I knew then that I wanted to be a country singer!

MM: If you weren't playing country music, what other genres would you play?

JW: I think I would have a rock band. Even though I’m a country singer, I really appreciate the creativity of the rock genre.

MM: How did you break into the industry and what have been some of your favorite moments so far?

JW: Initially, I started out in Houston, Texas, playing open mic nights and local beer joints.

After a few years of playing around Houston and, by a stroke of luck, I met George Strait’s nephew and he decided to work with me. That meeting opened a lot of doors in country music scene to get me going. One of my favorite moments would have to be playing a New Year’s Eve Party for George Strait. I was a nervous wreck!

MM: What are some of the coolest interactions you've had with fans?

JW: I can’t really just name one; I feel like every show and every week I meet or interact with a fan that makes an impact on my life. I’m just thankful that my songs and music mean something to folks; it’s the reason I do what I do.

MM: How many songs have you written in total and what are a few of your personal favorites?

JW: I’ve probably written a couple hundred songs, but that’s not the amount that’s actually made it to albums.

I always say that you write as much as possible, but only record the best. My personal favs have to be “That Girl in Texas,” “I Can’t Take my Eyes Off You,” “Singin’ Thing,” and “Any Night in Texas.”

Songs, albums, and more

MM: You created “Any Night in Texas” to serve as a "summer soundtrack" -- what inspired that direction?

JW: We wrote the song “Any Night in Texas” and it just felt like summer to me. I felt like it would be a great direction for the entire album since summer can be a magical time. What’s better than having a soundtrack for it?

MM: Will you tell us about the creative and production process for the "Baby This and Baby That" video?

JW: It all starts with a great director and production team and then it all starts with an idea.

We worked with Justin Key and his team on this one. Together we came up with a great idea and off we went! It was also really about capturing the landscape of the Texas Hill Country on this as well. We filmed it at a ranch outside Dripping Springs, Texas. We were lucky to have a real deal barrel racer on this video as well. When we put it all together we got the end result. I think we nailed it!

MM: What are your favorite three tracks from the new album and what's your favorite song to play live?

JW: My three favorite songs off the new album are “Any Night in Texas,” “Airport Kiss,” and “Baby This and Baby That.”

To learn more about Jon Wolfe, visit his official website by Googling “Jon Wolfe Country.” He can also be followed on Facebook. His new album is on iTunes and Spotify.