The official website of Ronda Rousey is due for a makeover, though it does offer a video highlighting the former UFC champion’s early life. The video details her road to success which includes some of her training, being on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and more.

Tying up all that with an alleged major announcement can mean a lot of things. It could hint at a return to the Octagon or an inadvertent close to her mixed martial arts career. Aside from that, the video montage could also be part of a big announcement which may involve more of her personal life.

Could all this lead to a much-awaited wedding with boyfriend Travis Browne?

Part of a bigger video production

A look at the video montage somehow rekindles the past of Rousey. Seeing that it is her official site, it could be part of reminding fans how she came to be. But then again, why would she resort to that unless there is another purpose tied to it? In a way, that major announcement could be Rousey tying the knot with Browne. Wedding videography normally goes through the past of a couple, so that footage could be part of a bigger video project for the couple.

If not tied up to her personal outlook, the video montage could be a major one involving her career. After that terrible loss to Amanda Nunes, Rousey may have finally re-discovered herself to get back into the cage.

Since first losing to Holly Holm at UFC 193, things have gone astray for the toughest female in the UFC circle. But does she still have anything to prove in the Octagon other than pride? Of the two, the former seems to make more sense. Supporting that is the fact that Rousey dreams of being a mother. All that could fall into place if she does announce her wedding date soon.

New career announcement

As mentioned in a previous post, critics believe that Rousey would best take her act to the WWE. Combining her talent with acting, she is seen as someone who could offer WWE fans something new and astounding. Some already caught a glimpse of that at "Wrestlemania 32" where she manhandled Triple H and locked Stephanie McMahon with an arm bar.

Many believed a special match involving Rowdy would be something, though the UFC stood in the way.

Since her freefall in the UFC, Rousey can pretty much do anything she pleases. The UFC is unlikely to stand in the way this time around. UFC president Dana White believes that his former cash cow is likely done in the UFC, believing she best follows her dreams. Would that include a jump to the WWE scene?