Michael Phelps and wife Nicole Johnson have announced on Tuesday that they are expecting the arrival of their second child. The award-winning swimmer has shared a photo of his wife Nicole on the social media together with their son, Boomer. Both were seen in all smiles as Phelps announced the big news to their followers. In the caption, he wrote, "So excited!! Wonder if it's a boy or a girl??"

Boomer is becoming is big brother

Johnson also posted a photo on her social media page and announced that her first born, Boomer, will soon become a big brother.

The couple who has been married since last June seemed to be a lot excited for the coming of their second child. Further, it was also reported by Entertainment Tonight that the couple has hinted about wanting to have a second child back in October.

It was also the time when Phelps has confirmed about his secret marriage with Johnson. Meanwhile, another picture of Boomer was shared by the couple on Instagram. It seemed that the 15-month old little man is already looking forward to his impending big brotherhood.

On the Instagram page of @boomerrphelps, the caption says, "Do I get to have a brother or a sister?" As of this time, the couple has not announced the baby's gender yet. Nevertheless, the entire Phelps' family is already excited of the coming of their second brood.

Wanting more kids

In one of the interviews with Phelps, the Olympic swimmer has shared about their desire to have more kids in the family. Further, he also added that everything will just take a matter of time.

Just recently, the People has reported that Johnson has shared about wanting a baby girl. Perhaps, the couple was already expecting about a girl gender. Despite being pressured, Phelps also revealed that they were trying to move things one step at a time.

He has also shared about Johnson's pregnancy over Boomer. Even though it was not a planned pregnancy, the couple has been a lot happy with their first child.

The award-winning athlete has further told reporters that they had been blessed with having a healthy baby in Boomer. Hence, they also looked forward of being blessed with another healthy child.

Phelps also revealed that both of them were trying to live their lives happier every single day. He also looked forward to having more babies in the near future together with his wife, Johnson. As he enjoyed his retirement from swimming, he now has more time to focus on his fatherhood and his wife.