It's Shark Week, and no one is happier about it than Michael Phelps. We all know who he is, the most decorated Olympian of all time with 28 medals behind his name. And as it turns out, a shark nerd. Michael Phelps recently admitted he used to watch every single Shark Week episode at his hotel when he was busy with swim meets. He wouldn't miss one. And now, the Olympian gets to take on his favorite creature in what he does best, swimming.

Shark Week

Shark Week takes place once a year on the Discovery Channel. It's a whole week dedicated to sharks, and this time, Michael Phelps is a part of it.

He started out doing his homework and learning about sharks. Next, he went to the Bahamas so that he could touch a nurse shark. Just recently he did a cage dive where he did get a little concerned about the giant Great White Shark. All of this leads up to the main event of Michael Phelps racing a great white over 100 meters.

How the race works

Sharks, as you may have guessed, aren't the best at swimming in straight lines between lane ropes on demand. So, clearly, the race won't be held in a pool. But thus far, both Discovery Channel and Phelps are keeping quiet on just how they got the shark to race. We do know that Phelps and the shark will be swimming in open water. Also that they will be nowhere near each other when they actually do the race.

It would be extremely awkward if the Discovery Channel let the world's greatest Olympian be chomped by a shark. Another thing is, there is very little hope that Michael Phelps will actually win. Why? Well, sharks have an average top speed of around 25 miles per hour whereas Phelps can hope for 10 miles per hour at best. Even his teammate, Ryan Lochte has placed his bets on the shark.

Phelps does have some help though to even the playing grounds. His kit for the race? A monofin and a Phantom suit. When asked what scared him the most about the race, all he could think of was the ice cold water. Or as he said, "I am the biggest wuss when it comes to cold water."

Michael doesn't seem too worried though. In fact, he has claimed that this is something he's always wanted to check off his bucket list.

He's also announced that he's considering getting a shark tattoo which would be a fitting symbol for the fastest man in the world.

We're not sure how the race is going to work or even who is going to win it. One thing we do know though is that this Sunday we'll be the ones glued to the television for Shark Week.