Mattie Ashby is in the middle of all the drama between the people she loves on "The Young and the Restless." This young lady seems mature for her age, and wise beyond her years. Is she, however, equipped to deal with the fallout from being caught in the middle of so many situations?

Mattie must make some serious decisions

Last week on "The Young and the Restless," Mattie's brother and her boyfriend came to an agreement to try not to annoy each other. Prior to this Charlie was attacking his sister's sweetie every chance he got, and Reed was eager to say things to get under his girlfriend's twin brother's skin.

There is still tension but things are not as bad as they used to be. Now, if only Cane and Lily's daughter could get the adults in her life to call a time out.

Mattie has chosen for now to stay friends with Reed in spite of her twin's objections. It may not be as easy with the adults in her life. Cane caught the teens kissing and told his daughter he did not want Victoria's son in his home. Cane is still bitter about being fired from Brash and Sassy, but his daughter continues to point out that it was his fault and that he left Victoria with no choice but to let him go.

On Friday Cane apologized for coming on so strong, but still did not give his approval for the young couple to date. Mattie no longer respects her father's opinion because he cheated on her mom and now Juliet is pregnant.

She is beginning to fall for Reed but is conflicted because of the drama between her dad and his mom. In addition to distancing, Mattie and Charlie have said that they want nothing to do with Juliet or the baby she is carrying, which is their half sister or brother. The twins may have to rethink some of their choices in the days ahead.

Mattie may change her mind about all of it

Mattie is going to have to decide if it is worth it to continue seeing Reed with so much family drama going on. Lily is no longer on hiatus, and Victoria got a loan from Mattie's grandfather Neil to keep her company afloat. Reed's mom and her grandfather having a business deal may take some of the tension away but ultimately Cane and Lily must make the rules, as long as their daughter is a minor.

Once Juliet's baby is born, and if indeed Cane is the father, the twins may have to rethink their decision to cut their sibling and his or her mother out of their lives. More importantly, Mattie and Charlie will need to change their minds about their father. They should not be so judgmental and should not have so much animosity toward a parent. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekdays on CBS to stay up to date with Mattie and Reed's love story.