Constantine might once again return to television. The hope has been renewed after "Legends of tomorrow" executive producer Phil Klemmer expressed that his team wants Matt Ryan in the series.

Klemmer told a panel at the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour that they are still in talks to bring the character of Constantine back, according to iO9. But it's still unclear just who the producers are negotiating with -- Matt Ryan, the studio executives from DC or Warner Bros., or The CW network bosses.

Ryan is always willing

If Klemmer is negotiating with Matt Ryan, then it won't likely be hard to convince him to reprise his role.

The actor played Constantine on NBC in the short-lived series of the same name from 2014-2015. He also played the character when "Arrow" invited him as a guest star in two episodes a couple of years ago.

Matt Ryan also provides the voice of the character in the "Constantine" animated series on The CW Seed, which is currently running, as well as on the animated movie “Justice League Dark.” The actor told Digital Spy in 2016 that he's willing to play the role for as long as there's an opportunity. Because of the abrupt cancellation of "Constantine" on NBC, Matt Ryan felt like he had "unfinished business."

"We were just getting started, and finding what the tone and the pace of the show was," he told the news outlet.

Klemmer has not detailed for how many episodes Constantine will appear in "Legends of Tomorrow" Season 3. In the past, the show featured other DC characters with a multi-episode story arc but they were not absorbed as permanent series regulars.

The Hellblazer is needed

In the DC Comic series, Constantine is widely known as The Hellblazer.

He has the ability to fight off demons and other supernatural characters from the Underworld, a fact that will come into play in "Legends of Tomorrow" Season 3.

"This is a much more supernatural, spooky vibe this season," Klemmer told the TCA panel in explaining why they are looking into Matt Ryan's addition. "We're dealing more with magic.

It's less real-world bad guys."

The superheroes of “Legends of Tomorrow” will face off with its biggest enemy this season in Damien Darhk. Darhk will be brought back to life after his death on "Arrow" and will lead a team that includes "Flash" villain Gorilla Grodd. Constantine might be the only one who can help stop them.

Legends of Tomorrow” is already in production. Season 3 is expected to premiere on The CW on Oct. 10.