Bindi Irwin and boyfriend, Chandler Powell, shared an adorable snap on Instagram yesterday in honor of International Diamond Day. The cute couple posed for a picture, with Bindi sharing it on her Instagram feed. 19-year-old Bindi and 20-year-old Chandler can be seen holding their hands, which are adorned with green candy diamond rings, up to the camera. The pair is grinning at the camera as they posed for the photograph and they appeared to be out in the city.

Bindi captioned the picture, joking that candy diamond rings are the way to go if you can't afford the real thing.

She tagged her boyfriend in the post, which has received over 84,000 likes. Fans have commented alongside the picture, calling the couple "cute" and jokingly saying they thought they had gotten engaged.

Bindi and Chandler express love for each on social media

The gorgeous couple may not be on their way to walking down the aisle just yet, but they aren't shy about sharing their love for each other on social media. The two are constantly posting pictures together and of each other, gushing about their romance. Just two days ago, Bindi shared a picture of Chandler with her brother, Robert Clarence Irwin, and mom Theresa Penelope Irwin (commonly known as Terri) on Instagram. Chandler and Robert are smiling at the camera whilst giving a big thumbs up, with mom Terri making a funny face in the background.

Bindi wrote beside the hilarious picture, "love these two," and said her mom's pose in the picture makes her smile whenever she sees it. Bindi has a following of over 1 million on the social media site and the picture has over 60,000 likes so far.

Chandler can't stop showing his love for the actress/conservationist either. Yesterday, he posted a picture of himself and Bindi on his Instagram account, saying he had had the "perfect day" with his girlfriend.

The couple can be seen grinning happily, with Bindi holding a scrub python. Fans commented on the photograph, asking Chandler when the pair are going to get engaged and saying they are "adorable." He also shared a flashback picture of a family day out with his parents and Bindi at the Epcot theme park. The picture received over 8,000 likes.

Bindi and Chandler's relationship

According to US Weekly, Bindi and Chandler met and started dating in 2013 at Bindi's family-owned zoo in Australia. Although the couple is living on different continents (Chandler is currently studying at the University of Central Florida), they appear to have kept things going and look to be a very happy couple. When celebrating Bindi's birthday in July, Chandler expressed his love for her on Instagram, saying she is the "kindest, strongest, most beautiful soul" he has met in his lifetime. He added that his girlfriend inspires him and he is looking forward to seeing what the future with her will bring.