Marvel TV's "The Defenders" now streams on Netflix as four heroes, who each has separate series in the network, were joined to fight a common enemy. "Daredevil," "Iron Fist," "Jessica Jones," and "Luke Cage" are among the most-watched series on the streaming network, and these shows’ avid viewers are expected to see how the four Marvel characters became one mean fighting machine in “The Defenders.”

According to Variety, data exclusively shared to it by the marketing-analytics firm Jumpshot indicated that the newly released Marvel series will do well in terms of viewership given that the four main characters each have a series that is among the top 5 most watched on Netflix.

"Daredevil," which stars Charlie Cox is already in its second season. “Jessica Jones,” played by Krysten Ritter and “Luke Cage,” with Mike Colter in the title role, are set to have their second seasons on 2108. “Iron Fist” played by Finn Jones is in its first season.

Good reviews

Viewership for the “The Defenders” would be helped as well by the generally good reviews the new Marvel series received from tv critics. As of the moment, Rotten Tomatoes gave the show 75% fresh ratings among the top critics in the industry.

One critic described the four characters’ fighting scene as a riot and of such “exuberance and energy that the whole universe seems to click into place.”

Another critic said that “The Defenders” has got “the job done with a reasonable amount of energy and a few bursts of flair.”

Fans of the four series will certainly look forward how cohesive, and great their respective heroes will be once fighting together.

It also helps that Sigourney Weaver, playing the series’ main villain Alexandra, has received rave reviews from critics for her performance as a malevolent criminal mastermind of the organization the Hand.

Long-time planned

Marvel TV had planned to produce “The Defenders” ever since its main characters’ independent series was created.

"Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones" both were released in 2015 followed by "Luke Cage" in 2016 and "Iron Fist" this year.

“The Defenders” was based on a Marvel comic story of a team of superheroes that also include the Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange.

What the series aims to do is to bring together multiple superheroes and culminate multiple seasons of storytelling into an ultimate showdown with the Hand.

In the end, each hero will be left in a different place than when the series began. Then their stories will carry over into their solo shows.

As of the moment though, Marvel TV has not announced that there will be another season of “The Defenders.” According to its head, Jeph Loeb, there aren’t any plans to make a second season. But with its potential to become a big hit, it is not farfetched to believe the foursome will once again come as one.