Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards have had several issues since getting married back in May. The “Teen Mom OG” stars had a quickie marriage at the end of the season just one day before Edwards left for a 30-day rehab stint. There was plenty of animosity between Mackenzie and Maci Bookout, Ryan's baby mama. Talk of his issues happened throughout the season, and Standifer blamed Bookout for trying to capitalize on their pain. Despite several signs of drug use, his wife claims she had no idea about Ryan's issues until right before he left for rehab.

Rehab completed

Ryan Edwards completed his 30-day rehab stint and was out by Father's Day in June. He was seen in photos that were shared on social media. There were questions surrounding whether or not he would remain sober, but as of now, it is believed he is still sober. Despite the revelation that he had an issue, there was nothing discussed regarding the substance he was using. Several speculations have surfaced, but nothing has been confirmed.

Just a few weeks ago, Ryan Edwards was reportedly caught talking to a woman on Tinder who wasn't Mackenzie Standifer. This opened up the couple for more judgments, especially when it comes to the validity of their marriage. Rumors popped up that the two got married for show, or for monetary reasons.

It was rumored that the two had been living apart following the Tinder incident. Several photos and screenshots of conversations between Ryan and another woman have been floating around social media. Mackenzie apparently confronted the woman in question, making things even worse.

Divorce rumors

Right after it was revealed that Ryan Edwards was talking to someone on Tinder, divorce rumors began to swirl.

There was talk that the two were living apart and that he resented her. Some of it seemed plausible because most of their relationship happened while Edwards was on drugs. Mackenzie Standifer finally commented on the situation at hand according to the Hollywood Gossip. There is going to be no divorce for the two. Whatever is happening between them is not going to be talked about in the media as they are refusing to put anything out there at all except the denial of the impending divorce.

Ryan reportedly commented denying it as well but he was more vulgar in his response, which is typical for the “Teen Mom OG” star.

A new season of "Teen Mom OG" is currently being filmed. As of now, both Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer are participating.